The 2021 game is over!

YOWZA! It's repeat of 2020! WARD sews up a second consecutive win in the Majors with his 7th cadaver as LUX grabbed second place on the very last day from MJ's clutches with 6 hits. MJ had 5 smackers while E looks forward to having someone else that she can out-choose join the Majors as she finished a bit behind with her 3 correctomundo selections.

An incredibly close race in the Minors concluded with LADYK holding the tiebreaker over NICK and GRIM as they all made 3 prescient choices! HEM, EDIT, FOTO and GSG all had two hits apiece while H2CO and SPIN had solo shots.

Congrats to all!


The Major Leaguers:

WARD = Mr. 50s


E = E-Brake

LUX = The Luxury Woman

The Minor Leaguers:

FOTO = Fotojrn

HEM = Captain Hemlock

SPIN = Spinzo

EDIT = Editer 43

GRODY = Mr. 80s

QOTU = Queen of the Universe

HARV = The Stiffs

PALL = Vincent Pall

H2CO = The Embalmer

GSG = Go See God

FIRE = Fireball

GRIM = Grim McGraw

LADYK = Lady Karaoke

NICK = BigRickNick

NOLA = New Orleans Vaulters

TIME = Time's Up

YKEWCE = YouKillemWeChillem

Al Jaffee (Mad Magazine Artist) - MJ
Al Roker (NBC weatherman) - EDIT
Alan Alda (Actor) - FIRE
Alan Copeland (Singer) - GSG
Alan Greenspan (Former Fed Chairman) - EDIT
Alcee Hastings (FL Rep) - FOTO (04/06)
Ali Khamenei (Iran Supreme Leader) - MJ
Allan Simpson (Ex-US Senator) - NOLA
Angela Lansbury (Actress) - QOTU
Ann Fairbank (Actress, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Anthony Kennedy (Ex-Supreme) - E
Art Rupe (Founder of Specialty Records) - GRIM
Artie Lange (Comedian) - MJ
Aurelian Smith (Rassler) - TIME

Bam Margera (Jackass) - HARV
Barbara Eden (Actress) - PALL
Barbara Walters (Iconic Journalist) - LUX
Barry Manilow (Singer) - E
Benjamin Ferencz (Nuremberg Prosecutor) - GRIM
Bernard Kalb (Newsman) - SPIN
Bernie Madoff (Scumbag Conman) - E (04/14)
Bernie Sanders (Politico) - GSG
Berry Gordy (Motown Founder) - GRIM
Betsy Rawls (LPGA Great) - NICK
Betty White (Iconic Comedian) - LUX (12/31)
Beverly Cleary (Author) - WARD (03/25)
Bill Butler (Cinematographer) - GRODY
Bill Cosby (Iconic Scumbag Rapist) - LUX
Bill Freehan (Ex-MLB) - MJ (08/19)
Bill Maz Mazeroski (MLB HOF) - HARV
Billy Connolly (Comedian) - WARD
Bob Barker (TV Host) - WARD
Bob Dole (Ex-Politico) - WARD (12/05)
Bob Newhart (Iconic Comedian) - MJ
Bobby Brown (Scumbag Singer) - E
Bobby Charlton (UK Soccer) - SPIN
Bobby Knight (College Bball Coach) - SPIN
Bruce Willis (Actor) - NICK
Bud Grant (NFL) - H2CO
Bud Selig (Ex-MLB Commisioner) - TIME

Cara Williams (Actress) - GSG (12/09)
Caren Marsh Doll (Actress) - WARD
Carl Erskin (MLB) - H2CO
Carol Kaye (Bass Genius) - NOLA
Caroline Graham (Author, Midsomer Murders-based) - YKEWCE
Charles Ogletree (Lawyer) - SPIN
Charlie Sheen (Trainwreck Actor) - E
Cicely Tyson (Actress) - WARD (01/28)
Clarence Thomas (Supreme) - FIRE
Clint Eastwood (Iconic Actor) - LUX
Clint Hill (JFK Secret Service) - GRIM
Cloris Leachman (Iconic Comic Actress) - LUX (01/26)
Courtney Love (Trainwreck Singer) - E

Dabney Coleman (Actor) - GSG
Dalai Lama (Religious Icon) - MJ
Dan Aykroyd (Actor) - QOTU
Dave Cobra Parker (MLB HOF) - HARV
David Attenborough (Historian) - QOTU
David Hartman (TV Host) - HEM
David Jason (Actor, Inspector Frost) - YKEWCE
David Lindley (Guitar Genius) - NOLA
Dennis Hastert (Scumbag Politico) - E
Dick Button (Figure Skating Icon) - FOTO
Dick Cavett (TV Host) - GSG
Dick Cheney (Torture Aficionado) - E
Dick Groat (MLB HOF) - HARV
Dick Van Dyke (Iconic Comic Actor) - LUX
Doc Severinsen (Iconic TV Bandleader) - LUX
Don Murray (Actor) - NICK
Donald Trump (Ex-President, Conman) - MJ

Ed Ames (Singer) - GSG
Ed Asner (Iconic Actor) - LUX (08/29)
Emperor Akihito (Japan Leader) - FOTO
Estelle Harris (Seinfeld Actress) - PALL
Ethel Kennedy (Human Rights Activist) - FOTO
Eva Marie Saint (Actress) - QOTU
Evander Holyfield (Ex-Boxing Champ) - TIME

Floyd Little (NFL) - FOTO (01/01)
Frank Borman (Astronaut) - EDIT
Frank Gehry (Architect) - NICK
Fred Gray (Civil Rights Activist, Attorney) - HARV

G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate) - EDIT (03/30)
Gail Seymour Halvorsen (Berlin Candy Bomber) - EDIT
Garrett Morris (Saturday Night Live) - GRODY
Gary Busey (Weirdo Actor) - E
Gary Glitter (Scumbag Pedo) - E
Gene Hackman (Iconic Actor) - LUX
Gene Shalit (Movie Reviewer) - WARD
George Joseph (Mercury Insurance Founder) - QOTU
George Shultz (Politico) - WARD (02/06)
Georgine Anderson (Actress, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Gloria Henry (Actress) - GSG (04/03)
Glynis Johns (Actress) - GRIM
Gordon Lightfoot (Canadian Troubadour) - PALL

Hal Holbrook (Iconic Actor) - LUX (01/23)
Hal Linden (Actor) - PALL
Hank Aaron (MLB) - H2CO (01/22)
Harrison Ford (Iconic Bad Airplane Pilot) - LUX
Harry Belafonte (Iconic Crooner) - LUX
Harry Reid (Politico) - MJ (12/28)
Harry Whittington (Cheney Target Practice) - MJ
Harvey Weinstein (Scumbag Producer) - E
Haya Harareet (Actress) - SPIN (02/03) - OBITUARY PENDING
Henry Kissinger (Warmonger) - E
Hossein The Iron Sheik Khosrow (Wrassler) - PALL

Ian McDiarmid (Star Wars Actor) - H2CO
Imelda Marcos (Shoe Fanatic) - TIME
Iris Apfel (Fashion Apfel) - FOTO

James Earl Jones (Actor) - WARD
James Jimmy Jam Harris (Record Producer) - NOLA
Jana Bennett (Ex-BBC Head) - FOTO
Jane Withers (Actress) - LADYK (08/07)
Janis Paige (Actress) - LADYK
Jaye P. Morgan (Gong Show Judge) - HEM
Jeff Bridges (Actor) - QOTU
Jeff Sessions (Racist Ex-AG) - FIRE
Jeffrey Jones (Scumbag Actor) - LUX
Jerry Brown (Ex-Gov of CA) - QOTU
Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys Owner) - H2CO
Jerry Lee Lewis (Musician) - WARD
Jessica Lange (Actress) - NOLA
Jim Kelly (Ex-NFL) - MJ
Jimmy Carter (Iconic Ex-President) - LUX
Joanne Woodward (Actress) - GRODY
Joe Biden (US President) - QOTU
Joe D'Orazio (Wrassler) - HARV
John Rigas (Zombie) - LADYK (09/30) - OBITUARY PENDING
John Warner (Politico) - LADYK (05/25)
John Woodvine (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Johnny Crawford (Actor) - LADYK (04/29)
Joni Mitchell (Folk Singer) - FIRE
Joseph Michael DeLamielleure (NFL) - TIME
Joss Ackland (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Joyce Randolph (Actress) - WARD
Julian Glover (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Julie Strain (Model) - GRODY (01/10) - OBITUARY PENDING
June Lockhart (Actress) - WARD

Karl Rove (Ex-Politico) - E
Katherine Jackson (Jackson Matriarch) - SPIN
Kathy Bates (Actress) - TIME
Keith Richards (Musician) - H2CO
Kim Jong-un (Fearless Leader) - PALL
Kim Novak (Actress) - LADYK

Larry King (TV Host) - MJ (01/23)
Larry Niven (SciFi Author) - PALL
Larry Storch (Actor) - WARD
Lee Grant (Actress) - LADYK
Leon Spinks (Ex-Boxer) - MJ (02/05)
Leontyne Price (Opera Singer) - FIRE
Leslie Phillips (Iconic Sorting Hat voice) - LUX
Lindsay Lohan (Trainwreck Actress) - E
Lindsey Vonn (World Cup Skier) - NOLA
Lisa Marie Presley (Singer) - WARD
Loretta Lynn (Iconic Country Singer) - LUX
Lou Carnasecca (College Bball Coach) - HARV
Louis Farrakhan (Scumbag Religious Leader) - FOTO
Louis Gossett, Jr. (Actor) - MJ
Luis Echeverria (Ex-Mexico Prez) - HEM

Magic Johnson (NBA) - GRODY
Mamie van Doren (Pinup) - HARV
Mark Russell (Political Satirist) - HEM
Mark Shields (Political Commentator) - NOLA
Marsha Hunt (Blacklisted Actress) - LUX
Marv Levy (NFL Coach) - LADYK
Mel Brooks (Iconic Funnyman) - LUX
Michael Caputo (Political Strategist) - WARD
Michael Constantine (Actor) - HEM (08/31)
Michael J Fox (Actor) - NICK
Mick Jagger (Iconic Singer) - LUX
Mike Gravel (Ex-AK Gov) - NICK (06/26)
Mike Veeck (Disco Demolition Night) - NOLA
Mitch McConnell (Chinless Dildo) - FIRE
Monica Vitti (Actress) - SPIN

Nehemiah Persoff (Actor) - GRODY
Neville Phillips (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek Actress) - WARD
Nick Nolte (Trainwreck Actor) - TIME
Noam Chomsky (Political Activist) - GSG
Norman Lear (Iconic TV producer) - LUX
Norman Lloyd (Actor) - WARD (05/11)

OJ Simpson (Scumbag Murderer) - E
Ole Anderson (Wrassler) - WARD
Olivia Newton-John (Singer) - MJ
Ozzy Osbourne (Singer) - PALL

Pat Boone (Singer) - E
Pat Robertson (Conman) - E
Paul Westphal (NBA HOF) - HEM (01/02)
Pete Davidson (SNL) - HARV
Pete Doherty (Trainwreck Singer) - E
Peter Angelos (Scumbag MLB Owner) - MJ
Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) - FIRE
Phil Spector (Scumbag Murderer) - E (01/16)
Phyllis Dalton (Costume Designer) - GRODY
Polly Holliday (Actress) - HEM
Pope Benedict (Ex-Pope) - MJ
Pope Francis (Pope) - FIRE
Prince Philip (Iconic Royal) - LUX (04/09)

Queen Elizabeth (Queen) - MJ
Quincy Jones (Music Producer) - QOTU

Ramsey Clark (Former Attorney General) - GRIM (04/09)
Randy Travis (Singer) - H2CO
Raul Castro (Ex-Cuban Prez) - E
Ray Nagin (Ex-Mayor of New Orleans) - NOLA
Ric Flair (Rassler) - TIME
Richard M. Sherman (Songwriter) - EDIT
Richard Riordan (Ex-L.A. Mayor) - HEM
Richard Simmons (Exercise Guru) - E
Rita Moreno (Actress) - PALL
Robert Clary (Actor) - SPIN
Robert Duvall (Actor) - LADYK
Rod Carew (MLB HOF) - HEM
Roger Angell (Sportswriter) - MJ
Roger Corman (Producer) - GRODY
Roger Craig (MLB Manager) - NICK
Roger Mudd (News Great) - NICK (03/09)
Roger Staubach (NFL) - H2CO
Rosalyn Carter (Ex-First Lady) - MJ
Roseanne Barr (Trainwreck Comedian) - FIRE
Rush Limbaugh (Horrible Person) - WARD (02/17)
Ruth Apilado (Editor/Novelist) - GRIM
Ruth Westheimer (Sexy Doctor) - EDIT
Ruthie Tompson (Disney Animator) - GRIM (10/10)

Sally Jesse Raphael (TV Host) - GSG
Sandra Day O'Connor (Ex-Supreme) - MJ
Sarah Jane Moore (Attempted Assassin) - LADYK
Scott Hall (Wrassler) - H2CO
Seiji Ozawa (Conductor) - GSG
Selena Gomez (Singer) - EDIT
Shannen Doherty (TV Actress) - MJ
Shecky Greene (Comedian) - WARD
Sheldon Adelson (Casino Owner) - E (01/11)
Shelley Long (Actress) - GRODY
Sidney Poitier (Actor) - QOTU
Siegfried Fischbacher (Tiger Magician) - NICK (01/13)
Sonny Rollins (Jazzman) - MJ
Stella Stevens (Actress) - WARD
Stephen Sondheim (Composer) - EDIT (11/26)
Steve Lawrence (Singer) - EDIT
Susan Engel (Actress, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE

Tanya Roberts (Actress) - GRIM (01/04)
Tempest Storm (Burlesque Legend) - SPIN (04/20)
Teri Garr (Actress) - MJ
Tim Green (NFL) - FOTO
Tina Louise (Actress) - H2CO
Tina Turner (Iconic Singer) - WARD
Tom Lehrer (Satirist Singer) - MJ
Tom Parker (Singer) - WARD
Tom Sizemore (Trainwreck Actor) - E
Tommy John (MLB Great) - NICK
Tommy Lasorda (Dodgeball Manager) - MJ (01/07)
Tony Bennett (Iconic Crooner) - LUX
Tony Dorsett (NFL) - TIME
Tricia Nixon Cox (Ex-First Daughter) - NOLA

Val Kilmer (Actor) - WARD
Valerie Perrine (Actress) - HARV
Vera Miles (Actress) - GRIM
Vin Scully (Legendary sports announcer) - TIME
Virginia Patton (Actress) - SPIN

Walter Mirisch (Producer) - GRODY
Walter Mondale (Iconic Politico) - LUX (04/19)
Warren Jeffs (Scumbag Cult leader) - E
Wayne LaPierre (NRA Scumbag) - E
Willard Scott (TV Weatherdude) - WARD (09/04)
William Daniels (Actor) - FIRE
William Gaunt (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
William Shatner ((Over)actor) - PALL
William The Refrigerator Perry (NFL) - HEM
Willie Mays (MLB) - FOTO
Willie Nelson (Iconic Country Singer) - LUX

Yoko Ono (Iconic Musician) - LUX


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