In the Majors, STAB has stunned everyone with his 8th hit! SPIN is now two hits behind, and everyone else is too depressed to talk about 2016.

In the Minors it was quite a competition for most of the year as FOTO has the lead with 6 (!) hits. DAAS and HEM are (too far?) behind with 4. FIRE, VIVA, ANN and GSG are respectable with their 3 correct predictions, and 2 others trail only a corpse behind them!

In the 2015 Majors, Spinzo WON with an astounding 6 hits! DrunkenSkunken came in 2nd with 5 hits, taking the tie-breaker over MJ also with 5 hits. E took 4th with 3 smackers, Mr. 50s grabbed 5th also with 3 hits, while LUX is poised to pounce in 2016!

In the Minors, veteran player STAB took the crown with 3 hitaroos, squeaking past EDIT in the tie-breaker. H2CO snagged 3rd with 2 toe-tagged notables, while WMDL and GRODY grab 4th and 5th.


The Major Leaguers:

SPIN = Spinzo


E = E-Brake

WARD = Mr. 50s

LUX = The Luxury Woman


The Minor Leaguers:

DAAS = DrunkAsASkunk

HEM = Captain Hemlock

ROYAL = Let's have more Royal Funerals

EDIT = Editer43

FOTO = Fotojrn

NICK = NecroNick

WINE = Blood for Wine

YKEWCE = YouKillemWeChillem

GRODY = Mr. 80s

PALL = Vincent Pall

GSG = Go See God

GRIM = Grim McGraw

LADYK = Lady Karaoke

METAL = Metalcidal

WMDL = Where's My Dam List


FIRE = Fireball

H2CO = The Embalmer

GODI = Godiago's Scythe

RAE = Death Rae

MORB = Morbid Mark

VIVA = Hector Vortac

ANN = Arsenic Annie

JAH = Just A Hobby

Abe Vigoda (Actor) - LUX (01/26)
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Terrorist) - SPIN
Abu Omar Al Shisani (ISIS leader) - FOTO (07/10)
Adam West (Batman) - HARV
Al Jaffee (Cartoonist) - HEM
Alan Young (Actor) - GRODY (05/19)
Ali Khamenei (Iran Leader) - MJ
Andy Dick (Trainwreck) - FIRE
Angela Bofill (Singer) - NICK
Angus Scrimm (Phantasm Creep) - E (01/09)
Anne Jackson (Actress) - NICK (04/12)
Ara Parseghian (Football Coach) - METAL

Barbara Eden (Actress) - RAE
Barbara Walters (TV News Icon) - LADYK
Barry Manilow (Singer) - E
Bart Starr (NFL) - WINE
Bashar Al-Assad (Syrian Dictator) - WMDL
Bea Wain (Big Band Leader) - LUX
Bernie Madoff (Scammer) - WARD
Betty White (Actress) - WARD
Beverly Cleary (Author) - LUX
Big Ang Raiola (Reality TV) - SPIN (02/18)
Bill Cosby (Rapist) - E
Bill Daily (Actor) - LADYK
Bill Dana (Comedian) - GSG
Billy Graham (Preacher) - MJ
Billy Zoom (Guitarist for X) - NICK
Bob Barker (Gameshow Host) - LUX
Bob Bennett (Politico) - DAAS (05/04)
Bob Dole (Politico) - WARD
Bob Elliott (Comedian) - FIRE (02/02)
Bobby Brown (Trainwreck) - MORB
Bobby Doerr (Baseball) - SPIN
Bobby Heenan (Wrassler) - ROYAL
Bonnie Brown (Country Singer) - DAAS (07/16) - OBITUARY PENDING
Boris Pahor (Author) - EDIT
Boutros Boutros-Ghali (UN Sec) - VIVA (02/16)
Brian Mulroney (ex-PM of Canada) - WINE
Buddy Ryan (Coach) - MJ (06/28)
Burt Reynolds (Actor) - WARD

Camille Cosby (Wife of Bill, Producer) - LADYK
Cardinal Bernard Law (Cardinal) - SPIN
Carl Reiner (Comedian) - STAB
Carol Channing (Comedian) - STAB
Carole Cook (Actress) - LADYK
Carole Kaye (Musician) - RAE
Carrot Top (Horrid Comedian) - GODI
Charles Van Doren (Quiz Show cheat) - WMDL
Charlie Sheen (Trainwreck) - E
Cher (Singer) - GODI
Chris Mortensen (Reporter) - JAH
Chuck Berry (Musician) - NICK
Clint Eastwood (Actor) - WINE
Clint Hill (JFK Secret Service Agent) - GRIM
Clive Barker (Director) - PALL
Clive James (Author) - SPIN
Cloris Leachman (Actress) - HARV
Clu Gulager (Actor) - METAL
Connie Sawyer (Actress) - GRIM
Craig Sager (Reporter) - JAH (12/15)

Daisy Berkowitz (Musician) - STAB
Dalai Lama (Religious Leader) - MJ
Dale Bumpers (Politico) - FOTO (01/01)
Dame Maggie Smith (Actress) - LADYK
Dan Rooney (NFL owner) - RAE
Darren Daulton (Baseball) - MJ
David Dinkins (Ex-NYC Mayor) - LADYK
David Newell (Mr. Rogers actor) - RAE
David Rockefeller (Banking Mogul) - EDIT
Denise Nickerson (Actress) - LUX
Dennis Hastert (Politico) - E
Desmond Tutu (Activist) - STAB
Diana Athill (Novelist) - ROYAL
Diana Baby Peggy Carey (Silent Film Actress) - GRODY
Dianne Feinstein (Politico) - NICK
Dick Cheney (Torture Aficianado) - E
Dick Van Dyke (Comedy Icon) - PALL
Dick Vitale (Sports announcer) - HARV
Dmitri Hvorotovsky (Opera Singer) - HEM
Doc Severinsen (Tonight Show Band) - YKEWCE
Don Gordon (Actor) - SPIN
Don Lusk (Animator) - GRIM
Don Newcombe (Baseball) - SPIN
Don Rickles (Comedian) - FOTO
Donald Trump (Racist Dbag) - WARD
Doris Day (Actress) - WARD
Dorothy Letterman Mengering (TV and IRL Mom of Dave) - WARD
Dorothy Malone (Actress) - WMDL
Doug Harvey (MLB) - H2CO
Doug Stanhope (Comedian) - MORB
Douglas Rains (Voice of HAL9000) - GRIM
Douglas Slocombe (Cinematographer) - GRODY (02/22)
Doyle Brunson (Poker legend) - VIVA
Dr. Kate Granger (Cancer Campaigner) - STAB (07/23)
Dustin Hoffman (Actor) - WINE
Dwayne Pearl Washington (NBA) - HEM (04/20)

Ed Asner (Actor) - LUX
Edwin Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut) - WINE
Edwin Edwards (Corrupt politico) - JAH
Elizabeth Josephine Jo Loesser (Soprano) - ANN
Ennio Morricone (Composer) - VIVA
Ernest Fritz Hollings (Ex-Congressman) - JAH

Fats Domino (Singer) - METAL
Fernando Rickson (Footballer) - ROYAL
Fidel Castro (Cuban ex-Leader) - MJ (11/25)
Frank Bruno (Boxer) - MORB
Frankie Muniz (Actor) - MORB
Fyvush Finkel (Actor) - WMDL (08/14)

Garrett Morris (SNL OG) - GRODY
Gary Graffman (Pianist) - YKEWCE
George Gaynes (Actor) - HEM (02/15)
George HW Bush (Dad of Dubya) - LUX
George Kennedy (Actor) - GSG (02/28)
George Martin (Beatles Producer) - RAE (03/08)
George Michael (Singer) - E (12/25)
George S. Irving (Actor) - ANN (12/26)
George Schultz (Politico) - JAH
George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek) - METAL
Gerald Kaufman (UK politico) - ROYAL
Gerard Depardieu (Trainwreck) - RAE
Glen Campbell (Country Singer) - SPIN
Gloria De Haven (Actress) - ANN (08/30)
Gloria Henry (Actress) - WMDL
Glynis Johns (Actress) - WMDL
Gordie Howe (Hockey) - MJ (06/10)
Gordon Aikman (Campaigner) - ROYAL
Gordon Ross (TV producer) - DAAS (01/12)

Hal Linden (Actor) - WINE
Harper Lee (Author) - SPIN (02/19)
Harry Belafonte (Singer, Actor) - LADYK
Harry Dean Stanton (Actor) - GSG
Hassan Asif (Immigration row student) - DAAS (01/05)
Helen Fawkes (Reporter) - DAAS
Helmut Kohl (German Politico) - STAB
Henry Kissinger (Politico) - WARD
Herman Wouk (Author) - LUX
Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore) - METAL
Hosni Mubarak (Dictator) - MJ
Hossein Khosrow (The Iron Sheik, wrassler) - PALL
Howard Marks (Author) - STAB (04/10)
Hugh Downs (TV Newsman) - EDIT
Hugh Hefner (Playboy) - WMDL
Hulk The Hulkster Hogan (Wrassler) - MORB

I M Pei (Architect) - EDIT
Iris Apfel (NYC Icon) - ANN

Jake LaMotta (Boxer) - WARD
Jake The Snake Roberts (Wrassler) - LUX
James Whitey Bulger (Arch criminal) - GSG
Jane Fonda (Actress) - RAE
Jane Withers (Actress) - LADYK
Janet Waldo (Voice actress) - GRIM (06/12)
Jared Fogel (Subway pervert) - H2CO
Jason Mewes (Actor) - LUX
Javier Perez de Cuellar (ex-UN Sec) - STAB
Jean Erdman (Dancer) - EDIT
Jenny Diski (Author) - STAB (04/28)
Jerry Jones (NFL owner) - H2CO
Jerry Lawler (Wrassler) - METAL
Jerry Lee Lewis (Musician) - WARD
Jerry Lewis (Comedian) - LUX
Jerry Maren (Munchkin actor) - EDIT
Jerry Pournelle (Author) - PALL
Jerry Van Dyke (Actor) - LADYK
Jim Bunning (MLB HOFer) - FIRE
Jim Kelly (Footballer) - WMDL
Jim Leavelle (Dallas Oswald Cop) - GRIM
Jim Otto (Football) - VIVA
Jimmy Carter (Great President) - MJ
Joanne Woodward (Actress) - E
Joao Havelange (FIFA ex-Prez) - FOTO (08/16)
Joe Garagiola (MLB/TV) - GSG (03/23)
Joe Lawrence (Para-athlete) - DAAS
Joe Medicine Crow (Author) - EDIT (04/03)
Joey Feek (Country Singer) - SPIN (03/04)
Johan Cruyff (Soccer) - SPIN (03/24)
John Bayard Anderson (Presidential wannabe) - EDIT
John Glenn (Astronaut/senator) - HEM (12/08)
John Hurt (Actor) - MJ
John Kundla (NBA Coach) - EDIT
John Major (ex-PM of UK) - WINE
John McVie (Fleetwood Mac) - GSG
John Noakes (TV Presenter) - ROYAL
John Paul Stephens (Ex-Supreme) - JAH
John Sonny Franzese (Mafioso) - SPIN
John Turner (ex-PM of Canada) - WINE
John Warner (Ex-Senator) - JAH
Johnny Beattie (Entertainer) - ROYAL
Johnny Depp (Trainwreck) - MORB
Johnny Lam Jones (Athlete) - H2CO
Johnny Lujack (Heisman winner) - NICK
Jonathan Demme (Director) - WMDL
Jonathan Haze (Voice of Seymour) - GRIM
Joseph Campanella (Actor) - ANN
Joseph Jackson (Asshole Father) - MJ
Joseph Wapner (TV Judger) - YKEWCE
Joyce Randolph (Actress) - HEM
Julian Assange (Wikileaks) - MORB
June Foray (Cartoon Voice) - WARD
Justin Bieber (Trainwreck) - E

Katherine MacGregor (Actress) - WARD
Kay Starr (Singer) - VIVA (11/03)
Keith Richards (Rolling Stone) - FIRE
Kelly Osbourne Talk Show Host - E
Kim Jong-un (Fearless Leader) - PALL
King Bhumibol (King of Thailand) - STAB (10/13)
King Salman (Saudi King) - MJ
Kirk Douglas (Actor) - WARD

Larry Storch (Actor) - WARD
Leonard Lauder (Businessman) - RAE
Leslie Phillips (Actor) - STAB
Lil Wayne (Rapper) - GODI
Linda Ronstadt (Singer) - GODI
Lindsay Lohan (Trainwreck) - E
Little Richard (Musician) - STAB
Liz Smith (Gossipmonger) - STAB
Loretta Lynn (Singer) - E
Lou Henson (Coach) - MJ
Luis Echeverria (Mexican President) - HEM
Luke Halpin (Actor) - DAAS
Lupita Tovar (Actress) - FOTO (11/12)
Lyon Gardner Tyler Jr. (Pres. Tyler Grandson) - GRIM

Magic Johnson (NBA) - GRODY
Malcolm Young (Guitarist) - METAL
Marilyn Manson (Singer) - MORB
Marjorie Lord (Actress) (Died 11/28/15-DNQ) - EDIT
Marsha Virginia Hunt (Actress) - ANN
Martin Crowe (Cricketer) - STAB (03/03)
Martin Foran (Wrongfully convicted x2) - DAAS
Marv Levy (NFL coach) - HARV
Mary Carlisle (Actress) - GRIM
Mary Margaret Corbally (TV Personality) - YKEWCE
Mary Tyler Moore (Actress) - MJ
Merle Haggard (Country Singer) - LUX (04/06)
Merrill Heatter (Game show producer) - FIRE
Michael Caine (Actor) - WINE
Michael Collins (Astronaut) - METAL
Michael Moorcock (Author) - PALL
Mick Mars (Guitarist) - HARV
Mike Sandlock (MLB) - FOTO (04/04)
Mikhail Gorbachev (Russian Leader) - WARD
Milt Schmidt (Hockey) - SPIN
Mitchell Ryan (Actor) - GSG
Monte Irvin (MLB) - NICK (01/11)
Monty Brinson (Actor) - SPIN (01/25) - OBITUARY PENDING
Monty Hall (Gameshow Host) - LUX
Morrissey (Singer) - GODI
Morton Sobell (Spy) - METAL
Muhammad Ali (Boxing Great) - SPIN (06/03)
Mumia Abu-Jamal (Black Panther) - ROYAL

Nancy Reagan (Ex-First Lady) - STAB (03/06)
Nanette Fabray (Actress) - LUX
Nehemiah Persoff (Actor) - GRODY
Nicolai Gedda (Singer) - YKEWCE
Noam Chomsky (Political Activist) - GSG
Noel Neill (Actress) - GSG (07/03)
Norman Lear (TV Producer) - YKEWCE
Norman Lloyd (Actor) - NICK

OJ Brigance (NFL) - FOTO
OJ Simpson (Murderer) - E
Olivia Dehavilland (Actress) - LUX
Oskar Groning (Auchwitz Guard) - ROYAL
Ozzy Osbourne (Trainwreck) - PALL

Pat Harrington, Jr (Actor) - SPIN (01/06)
Pat Summitt (BBall Coach) - FOTO (06/28)
Patricia Morrison (Actress) - GRODY
Patricio Aylwin (Chilean President) - HEM (04/19)
Paul Barrere (Little Feat) - ROYAL
Paul Gascoigne (English Footballer) - STAB
Paul Laxalt (Ex-NV Senator) - JAH
Pele (Soccer Icon) - E
Pete Doherty (Trainwreck) - FIRE
Pete Fountain (Musician) - VIVA (08/06)
Pete Townshend (Musician) - WINE
Peter Esterhazy (Writer) - DAAS (07/14) - OBITUARY PENDING
Peter Hansen (Actor) - ANN
Peter Marshall (Game show host) - H2CO
Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) - H2CO
Phil Anselmo (Musician) - HARV
Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) - GODI
Phil Spector (Trainwreck) - RAE
Phyllis Schlafly (Whackadoodle) - FIRE (09/05)
Pope Benedict (Pope emeritus) - VIVA
Pope Francis (Pope) - GODI
Prince Philip (Prince of England) - WARD
Professor Irwin Corey (Comedian) - SPIN

Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of England) - RAE

Ralph Hall (Texas congresscritter) - FIRE
Ram Dass (60s guru) - VIVA
Randy Travis (Country Singer) - LUX
Red Schoendist (MLB) - H2CO
Reg Grundy (Game show producer) - FIRE (05/06)
Rene Angelil (Svengali) - MJ (01/14)
Rhonda Fleming (Actress) - VIVA
Richard Anderson (6 Million $ Man Actor) - YKEWCE
Richard Cole (Doolittle Raider) - SPIN
Richard Erdman (Actor) - ANN
Richard Old Man Harrison (Pawn Stars scion) - HARV
Richard Overton (Oldest Vet) - WARD
Richard Sherman (Songwriter) - WMDL
Richard Simmons (Health Guru) - E
Richard Venture (Actor) - ANN
Rob Ford (Trainwreck) - MJ (03/22)
Rob Kardashian (Reality TV Dude) - E
Robert Guillaume (Actor) - FIRE
Robert Hawke (Austrailian ex-PM) - FOTO
Robert Morgenthau (Manhattan ex-DA) - YKEWCE
Robert Mugabe (Dictator) - E
Robin Roberts (Newscaster) - GODI
Rod Carew (Baseball) - MJ
Roger Corman (Producer) - GRODY
Roger Moore (Medium Bond) - PALL
Roger Smith (Actor) - LUX
Rosamunde Pilcher (Author) - SPIN
Rose Marie (Actress) - HEM
Rowena Kincaid (Documentary maker) - DAAS (09/02)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme) - WARD

Sam Mele (MLB) - GSG
Sean Connery (Best Bond) - PALL
Sean Penn (Actor) - MORB
Sheldon Adelson (Political Gadfly) - NICK
Shelley Long (Actress) - GRODY
Sidney Poitier (Actor) - LADYK
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (Composer) - STAB (03/14)
Sophia Loren (Actress) - YKEWCE
Stella Stevens (Actress) - GRIM
Stephen Hawking (Genius) - HARV
Steven Hill (Actor) - YKEWCE (08/23)
Sumner Redstone (Media Mogul) - STAB
Superfly Jimmy Snuka (Wrassler) - WARD
Superstar Billy Graham (Wrassler) - E

Taylor Momsen (Trainwreck) - E
Tempest Storm (Burlesque) - SPIN
The Weeknd (Singer) - GODI
Thomas Dynamite Kid Bullington (Wrassler) - HARV
Tim Curry (Rocky Horror) - LUX
Tom Brokaw (Newscaster) - GODI
Tom Lehrer (Lyricist) - VIVA
Tommy Chong (Comedian) - MJ
Tommy Lasorda (Dodger) - E
Tony Blair (Frmr UK Minister) - MORB
Tony Booth (Actor) - STAB

Val Kilmer (Actor) - MJ
Valerie Harper (Actress) - MJ
Vera Lynn (Actress) - LUX
Vin Scully (Beloved Dodgers announcer) - HARV

Walter Mirisch (Producer) - GRODY
Walter Mondale (Politico) - JAH
Whitey Ford (MLB) - H2CO
Wilko Johnson (Musician) - FOTO
Willard Scott (Weatherman) - LUX
William Broomfield (Politico) - NICK
William Perry (Ex-Sec Defense) - JAH
William Schallert (Actor) - ANN (05/08)
William Shatner (Over-actor) - PALL
William The Refrigerator Perry (NFL) - HEM
Willie Mays (MLB icon) - H2CO
Wink Martindale (Game show host) - H2CO

Yoko Ono (Alleged singer) - METAL

Zacherley (TV Host) - WARD (10/27)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (Actress) - STAB (12/18)


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