There are currently 5 Major League Members of the 2023 Ghoul Pool:

Ah, E-Brake. She began her career as a member of the Minors in 1997 and was called up to the Ghoul Pool Major Leagues in 1999. We decided to promote her to the Majors in honor of her astute picks and . . . oh hell, we just liked her attitude and sense of humor. Anyway, how does she repay us? She goes on to become the 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004 Champ. Add 2007 and 2009 to that list too. How's that for gratitude?? She's been our webmistress since 1999, keeping the pool free of leaves and algae, and is very pleased to be your Hostess with the Mostest.

And hey look, it's founding member Mr. 50s! He brings to us his wit, wisdom and three Ghoul Pool Championships under his belt: 1996, 1998, and after a 22 year slow burn, he turned in a landslide performance by winning the 2020 game by 7 million votes...AND the 2021 game by a scant single hit over his lovely wife, The Luxury Woman. Formerly known as "M vs. M", he later became "The Single Guy", then he finally walked the aisle and rejoined the married ranks as the humble but loveable "Mr. 50s". And keeping it all in the family is....

The Luxury Woman, the better half of "Mr. 50s". She's a self-described "aging Gen-Xer coming to grips with mortality", and she's keeping a grip on those great deadpool picks too! She enjoys movies, reading books, dancing the rhumba naked in the moonlight, music, and underwater basket-weaving. She ruthlessly dominated the Majors in 2017 and came in second by just a single smacker in 2021 - but blew the pack away in 2022 with 7 amazing smackers for victory!

Then there's 2011, 2012 AND 2013 Majors Champ, 2010 Minors Champ and venerated veteran invertebrate player MJ, now a perma-Major and fantastic Assistant Poolkeeper.

The 2022 Minors Champ was....(drumroll please)...Fotojrn!, a longtime player who joins us again in the Majors for the 2023 season. Welcome back!

The Majors' list.jpg

The Luxury Woman

Avg age of Hits: 96.71


Avg age of Hits: 89.60

Mr. 50s

Avg age of Hits: 93.33


Avg age of Hits: 83.50


Avg age of Hits: 97.00

Bob Barker
(Gameshow Host) (08/26)

Jimmy Carter

Ruth Buzzi
(Comic Icon)

Carolyn Bryant
(Vile Accuser of Emmett Till) (04/25)

Henry Kissinger
(Vile War Criminal)

Tony Bennett
(Iconic Singer) (07/21)

Andy Taylor
(Duran Duran Guitarist)

Annabelle Gurwitch

Shane MacGowan

Ethel Kennedy

Dick Van Dyke
(Iconic Actor)

Shannen Doherty
(Trainwreck Actress)

Al Jaffee
(Mad Magazine Artist) (04/10)

Andrew Tate
(Vile Human Trafficker)

Iris Apfel
(Fashion Icon)

Dick Cheney
(Vile War Criminal)

Dick Vitale
(Sports Personality)

Stella Stevens
(Actress) (02/17)

Pervez Musharraf
(Vile Ex-Prez of Pakistan) (02/05)

Jonnie Irwin
(British Presenter)

Alan Greenspan

Sandra Day O'Connor

Jeanette Lee
(Pool Player Icon)

Bill Cosby
(Vile Rapist)

Michael Tilson Thomas

Mel Brooks
(Comedy Legend)

Ted Kaczynski
(Unabomber) (06/10)

Steve Mongo McMichael

Harvey Weinstein
(Vile Rapist)

Peter Yarrow
(Music Icon)

Rosalynn Carter
(Ex-First Lady) (11/19)

Bob Newhart
(Comedy Legend)

Val Kilmer

Dennis Hastert
(Vile Pedo)

Louis Farrakhan
(Nation of Islam Leader/Bigot)

Janis Paige

Peter Angelos
(Baseball Owner)

Burt Bacharach
(Iconic Songwriter) (02/08)

Jack Hanna
(Vile Big Cat Abuser)

Tom Lehrer

Glynis Johns

Teri Garr

Caren Marsh Doll

Johnny Gilbert
(Gameshow Announcer)

Eva Marie Saint

Joyce Randolph

Pat Robertson
(Vile Televangelist) (06/08)

James Earl Jones
(Iconic Actor)

Shecky Greene

Norman Lear
(Comedy Legend)

Newton Minow
(Ex-Chairman FCC) (05/06)

Roberta Flack

June Lockhart

(Ex-Japan Emperor)

Ted Lerner
(MLB Owner) (02/12)

Willie Nelson
(Country Music Icon)

Toby Keith
(Country Music Icon)

David Attenborough
(Natural Historian)

Mitch McConnell
(Evil Politico)

Willie Mays
(Baseball Icon)

Carole Cook
(Actress) (01/11)

Tina Turner
(Iconic Singer) (05/24)

Al Roker
(TV Weatherman)

Karl Rove
(Vile War Criminal)

Elisabeth Waldo

Linda Ronstadt

Michael York

Clint Hill
(Author, JFK Secret Service)

Steve Bannon
(Vile Strategist)

Buzz Aldrin

Bill Hayes
(Singer, Actor)

Joanne Woodward

Emmet Walsh

Ghislaine Maxwell
(Vile Abuser)

Sonny Jurgensen

Phyllis Coates
(Actress) (10/11)

Harry Belafonte
(Singer) (04/25)

Peter Marshall
(Gameshow Host)

Bob Eubanks
(Gameshow Host)

Raul Castro
(Ex-Prez of Cuba)

Jeffrey Jones
(Vile Abuser)

Sonny Rollins

Peggy Webber

Daniel Snyder
(Vile NFL Owner)

Linda Nolan

Marion Ross

Peter Max

Tracy Hurley Martin
(Museum Founder)

Jair Bolsonaro
(Vile Ex-Prez Of Brazil)

Dick Button
(Figure Skater)

Rebecca Schull

Jake The Snake Roberts

Joe Doering

Gene Shalit
(Walking Mustache, Movie Reviewer)

Tim Commerford

Gina Lollobrigida
(Actress) (01/16)

Harry Whittington
(Cheney Target Practice) (02/04)


Gary Glitter
(Vile Abuser)

Barbara Eden

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