Welcome To The Ghoul Pool Minor Leagues!

In a nutshell (see below and the Rules Page for more details):

First - welcome to one of the ORIGINAL internet deathpools! And it's free to play! Wow!

Make a list of ten folks sure to kick the heavenly bucket this year. BE SURE TO CHECK THE CURRENT MASTER LIST to avoid taking duplicate names and getting kicked-back picks.

CHECK THE RULES. Check them again. OK that should do it.

Then, just submit your list! First come, first choice, and we're open all year round. And ya gotta include some Alternates! See, others can and will pick the same wonderful pick.

If you're a NEW player, this here part is for you:

**NEW MEMBERS**. YES YOU: BE SURE TO INCLUDE A BIO AND PICTURE! And again, PLEASE check the *Master List* first for the already claimed nearly-departed, and then create your own unique list of 10 celebrities NOT already chosen via the Submission Form on the RULES PAGE

Finally, sit back and watch the hits roll in!

Have I mentioned you should check out the RULES PAGE

And now, a little Ghoul Pool History, ribbed for her pleasure:

Yes cyber sickos, this here Pool was an exclusive club, waaayyy back in the early '90s. But not any more. When we flung The Ghoul Pool into cyberspace over two decades ago we have been asked, nay begged, by folks who wish to join. Well, we finally caved in and decided that there was room in this world for lots more death poolers.

First of all, ya don't get to play with the First String Major Leaguers right off the bat. Whoa, nelly. You must be drafted into the Ghoul Pool Minor Leagues by joining the game. You get to pick TEN (10) celebrities, none of which have already picked by anyone else already, Majors or Minors. You MUST submit all your picks at once, NO trickling. Alternate Picks must be submitted with your list, and if even more are needed you have one week after request to send them in.

E-Brake is the keeper of the lists and will be the final arbiter as to who picked what name first. No arguments or you will be put on waivers.

But wait, that's not all: If, at the end of the year, you are victorious in the Minors and put all those other wanna-bes to shame, YOU get to come up to the Majors for ONE whole year. That's right, your Major League 20-celebrity list will be side by side with the likes of the Crunkadelic "E-Brake" and the Fergilicious "Luxury Woman". Imagine! Better than a year's supply of Turtle Wax, I'll tell you what.


Congrats to TIME'S UP for their 2023 Minors victory with 5 hits!

Avg age of hits: 90.00

Go See God

Avg age of hits: 96.50

Editer 43

Avg age of hits: 97.00

Mr. 80s

Avg age of hits: 53.00


Avg age of hits: 57.00


Avg age of hits: 92.00

Captain Hemlock

Avg age of hits: 93.00

The Embalmer


The Stiffs

Vincent Pall



Check, Please


Necro Nick

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