The 2021 game is afoot! And at hand. And other anatomy puns.

YOWZA! It's proving to be a crazy year in the Majors! WARD has once again grabbed the lead with his 6th cadaver, while LUX is right behind him with 5. Next up is MJ with 4, and E is getting left behind a bit with 3 correctomundo selections, but there is still plenty of time for time to run out on their selections! Will someone get to 10?

NICK, GRIM and LADYK are fighting it out for the lead in the Minors with their 3 prescient choices, but HEM, EDIT and FOTO are clawing away at them with their two hits apiece! GSG, H2CO and SPIN also have hits. Anyone's game, really!

In 2020 WARD ran away from the pack in the Majors with a stunning 8 hits, while MJ made a too-late run to get his 5th. E, SPINZO, and ROYAL had 4 hits and LUX had 2 smackers.

DAAS won the 2020 Minors with 5 smackers and LADYK was right behind with four hits.


The Major Leaguers:

WARD = Mr. 50s


E = E-Brake

LUX = The Luxury Woman

The Minor Leaguers:

FOTO = Fotojrn

HEM = Captain Hemlock

SPIN = Spinzo

EDIT = Editer 43

GRODY = Mr. 80s

QOTU = Queen of the Universe

HARV = The Stiffs

PALL = Vincent Pall

H2CO = The Embalmer

GSG = Go See God

FIRE = Fireball

GRIM = Grim McGraw

LADYK = Lady Karaoke

NICK = BigRickNick

NOLA = New Orleans Vaulters

TIME = Time's Up

YKEWCE = YouKillemWeChillem

Al Jaffee (Mad Magazine Artist) - MJ
Al Roker (NBC weatherman) - EDIT
Alan Alda (Actor) - FIRE
Alan Copeland (Singer) - GSG
Alan Greenspan (Former Fed Chairman) - EDIT
Alcee Hastings (FL Rep) - FOTO (04/06)
Ali Khamenei (Iran Supreme Leader) - MJ
Allan Simpson (Ex-US Senator) - NOLA
Angela Lansbury (Actress) - QOTU
Ann Fairbank (Actress, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Anthony Kennedy (Ex-Supreme) - E
Art Rupe (Founder of Specialty Records) - GRIM
Artie Lange (Comedian) - MJ
Aurelian Smith (Rassler) - TIME

Bam Margera (Jackass) - HARV
Barbara Eden (Actress) - PALL
Barbara Walters (Iconic Journalist) - LUX
Barry Manilow (Singer) - E
Benjamin Ferencz (Nuremberg Prosecutor) - GRIM
Bernard Kalb (Newsman) - SPIN
Bernie Madoff (Scumbag Conman) - E (04/14)
Bernie Sanders (Politico) - GSG
Berry Gordy (Motown Founder) - GRIM
Betsy Rawls (LPGA Great) - NICK
Betty White (Iconic Comedian) - LUX
Beverly Cleary (Author) - WARD (03/25)
Bill Butler (Cinematographer) - GRODY
Bill Cosby (Iconic Scumbag Rapist) - LUX
Bill Freehan (Ex-MLB) - MJ (08/19)
Bill Maz Mazeroski (MLB HOF) - HARV
Billy Connolly (Comedian) - WARD
Bob Barker (TV Host) - WARD
Bob Dole (Ex-Politico) - WARD
Bob Newhart (Iconic Comedian) - MJ
Bobby Brown (Scumbag Singer) - E
Bobby Charlton (UK Soccer) - SPIN
Bobby Knight (College Bball Coach) - SPIN
Bruce Willis (Actor) - NICK
Bud Grant (NFL) - H2CO
Bud Selig (Ex-MLB Commisioner) - TIME

Cara Williams (Actress) - GSG
Caren Marsh Doll (Actress) - WARD
Carl Erskin (MLB) - H2CO
Carol Kaye (Bass Genius) - NOLA
Caroline Graham (Author, Midsomer Murders-based) - YKEWCE
Charles Ogletree (Lawyer) - SPIN
Charlie Sheen (Trainwreck Actor) - E
Cicely Tyson (Actress) - WARD (01/28)
Clarence Thomas (Supreme) - FIRE
Clint Eastwood (Iconic Actor) - LUX
Clint Hill (JFK Secret Service) - GRIM
Cloris Leachman (Iconic Comic Actress) - LUX (01/26)
Courtney Love (Trainwreck Singer) - E

Dabney Coleman (Actor) - GSG
Dalai Lama (Religious Icon) - MJ
Dan Aykroyd (Actor) - QOTU
Dave Cobra Parker (MLB HOF) - HARV
David Attenborough (Historian) - QOTU
David Hartman (TV Host) - HEM
David Jason (Actor, Inspector Frost) - YKEWCE
David Lindley (Guitar Genius) - NOLA
Dennis Hastert (Scumbag Politico) - E
Dick Button (Figure Skating Icon) - FOTO
Dick Cavett (TV Host) - GSG
Dick Cheney (Torture Aficionado) - E
Dick Groat (MLB HOF) - HARV
Dick Van Dyke (Iconic Comic Actor) - LUX
Doc Severinsen (Iconic TV Bandleader) - LUX
Don Murray (Actor) - NICK
Donald Trump (Ex-President, Conman) - MJ

Ed Ames (Singer) - GSG
Ed Asner (Iconic Actor) - LUX (08/29)
Emperor Akihito (Japan Leader) - FOTO
Estelle Harris (Seinfeld Actress) - PALL
Ethel Kennedy (Human Rights Activist) - FOTO
Eva Marie Saint (Actress) - QOTU
Evander Holyfield (Ex-Boxing Champ) - TIME

Floyd Little (NFL) - FOTO (01/01)
Frank Borman (Astronaut) - EDIT
Frank Gehry (Architect) - NICK
Fred Gray (Civil Rights Activist, Attorney) - HARV

G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate) - EDIT (03/30)
Gail Seymour Halvorsen (Berlin Candy Bomber) - EDIT
Garrett Morris (Saturday Night Live) - GRODY
Gary Busey (Weirdo Actor) - E
Gary Glitter (Scumbag Pedo) - E
Gene Hackman (Iconic Actor) - LUX
Gene Shalit (Movie Reviewer) - WARD
George Joseph (Mercury Insurance Founder) - QOTU
George Shultz (Politico) - WARD (02/06)
Georgine Anderson (Actress, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Gloria Henry (Actress) - GSG (04/03)
Glynis Johns (Actress) - GRIM
Gordon Lightfoot (Canadian Troubadour) - PALL

Hal Holbrook (Iconic Actor) - LUX (01/23)
Hal Linden (Actor) - PALL
Hank Aaron (MLB) - H2CO (01/22)
Harrison Ford (Iconic Bad Airplane Pilot) - LUX
Harry Belafonte (Iconic Crooner) - LUX
Harry Reid (Politico) - MJ
Harry Whittington (Cheney Target Practice) - MJ
Harvey Weinstein (Scumbag Producer) - E
Haya Harareet (Actress) - SPIN (02/03) - OBITUARY PENDING
Henry Kissinger (Warmonger) - E
Hossein The Iron Sheik Khosrow (Wrassler) - PALL

Ian McDiarmid (Star Wars Actor) - H2CO
Imelda Marcos (Shoe Fanatic) - TIME
Iris Apfel (Fashion Apfel) - FOTO

James Earl Jones (Actor) - WARD
James Jimmy Jam Harris (Record Producer) - NOLA
Jana Bennett (Ex-BBC Head) - FOTO
Jane Withers (Actress) - LADYK (08/07)
Janis Paige (Actress) - LADYK
Jaye P. Morgan (Gong Show Judge) - HEM
Jeff Bridges (Actor) - QOTU
Jeff Sessions (Racist Ex-AG) - FIRE
Jeffrey Jones (Scumbag Actor) - LUX
Jerry Brown (Ex-Gov of CA) - QOTU
Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys Owner) - H2CO
Jerry Lee Lewis (Musician) - WARD
Jessica Lange (Actress) - NOLA
Jim Kelly (Ex-NFL) - MJ
Jimmy Carter (Iconic Ex-President) - LUX
Joanne Woodward (Actress) - GRODY
Joe Biden (US President) - QOTU
Joe D'Orazio (Wrassler) - HARV
John Rigas (Zombie) - LADYK (09/30) - OBITUARY PENDING
John Warner (Politico) - LADYK (05/25)
John Woodvine (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Johnny Crawford (Actor) - LADYK (04/29)
Joni Mitchell (Folk Singer) - FIRE
Joseph Michael DeLamielleure (NFL) - TIME
Joss Ackland (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Joyce Randolph (Actress) - WARD
Julian Glover (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Julie Strain (Model) - GRODY (01/10) - OBITUARY PENDING
June Lockhart (Actress) - WARD

Karl Rove (Ex-Politico) - E
Katherine Jackson (Jackson Matriarch) - SPIN
Kathy Bates (Actress) - TIME
Keith Richards (Musician) - H2CO
Kim Jong-un (Fearless Leader) - PALL
Kim Novak (Actress) - LADYK

Larry King (TV Host) - MJ (01/23)
Larry Niven (SciFi Author) - PALL
Larry Storch (Actor) - WARD
Lee Grant (Actress) - LADYK
Leon Spinks (Ex-Boxer) - MJ (02/05)
Leontyne Price (Opera Singer) - FIRE
Leslie Phillips (Iconic Sorting Hat voice) - LUX
Lindsay Lohan (Trainwreck Actress) - E
Lindsey Vonn (World Cup Skier) - NOLA
Lisa Marie Presley (Singer) - WARD
Loretta Lynn (Iconic Country Singer) - LUX
Lou Carnasecca (College Bball Coach) - HARV
Louis Farrakhan (Scumbag Religious Leader) - FOTO
Louis Gossett, Jr. (Actor) - MJ
Luis Echeverria (Ex-Mexico Prez) - HEM

Magic Johnson (NBA) - GRODY
Mamie van Doren (Pinup) - HARV
Mark Russell (Political Satirist) - HEM
Mark Shields (Political Commentator) - NOLA
Marsha Hunt (Blacklisted Actress) - LUX
Marv Levy (NFL Coach) - LADYK
Mel Brooks (Iconic Funnyman) - LUX
Michael Caputo (Political Strategist) - WARD
Michael Constantine (Actor) - HEM (08/31)
Michael J Fox (Actor) - NICK
Mick Jagger (Iconic Singer) - LUX
Mike Gravel (Ex-AK Gov) - NICK (06/26)
Mike Veeck (Disco Demolition Night) - NOLA
Mitch McConnell (Chinless Dildo) - FIRE
Monica Vitti (Actress) - SPIN

Nehemiah Persoff (Actor) - GRODY
Neville Phillips (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek Actress) - WARD
Nick Nolte (Trainwreck Actor) - TIME
Noam Chomsky (Political Activist) - GSG
Norman Lear (Iconic TV producer) - LUX
Norman Lloyd (Actor) - WARD (05/11)

OJ Simpson (Scumbag Murderer) - E
Ole Anderson (Wrassler) - WARD
Olivia Newton-John (Singer) - MJ
Ozzy Osbourne (Singer) - PALL

Pat Boone (Singer) - E
Pat Robertson (Conman) - E
Paul Westphal (NBA HOF) - HEM (01/02)
Pete Davidson (SNL) - HARV
Pete Doherty (Trainwreck Singer) - E
Peter Angelos (Scumbag MLB Owner) - MJ
Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) - FIRE
Phil Spector (Scumbag Murderer) - E (01/16)
Phyllis Dalton (Costume Designer) - GRODY
Polly Holliday (Actress) - HEM
Pope Benedict (Ex-Pope) - MJ
Pope Francis (Pope) - FIRE
Prince Philip (Iconic Royal) - LUX (04/09)

Queen Elizabeth (Queen) - MJ
Quincy Jones (Music Producer) - QOTU

Ramsey Clark (Former Attorney General) - GRIM (04/09)
Randy Travis (Singer) - H2CO
Raul Castro (Ex-Cuban Prez) - E
Ray Nagin (Ex-Mayor of New Orleans) - NOLA
Ric Flair (Rassler) - TIME
Richard M. Sherman (Songwriter) - EDIT
Richard Riordan (Ex-L.A. Mayor) - HEM
Richard Simmons (Exercise Guru) - E
Rita Moreno (Actress) - PALL
Robert Clary (Actor) - SPIN
Robert Duvall (Actor) - LADYK
Rod Carew (MLB HOF) - HEM
Roger Angell (Sportswriter) - MJ
Roger Corman (Producer) - GRODY
Roger Craig (MLB Manager) - NICK
Roger Mudd (News Great) - NICK (03/09)
Roger Staubach (NFL) - H2CO
Rosalyn Carter (Ex-First Lady) - MJ
Roseanne Barr (Trainwreck Comedian) - FIRE
Rush Limbaugh (Horrible Person) - WARD (02/17)
Ruth Apilado (Editor/Novelist) - GRIM
Ruth Westheimer (Sexy Doctor) - EDIT
Ruthie Tompson (Disney Animator) - GRIM (10/10)

Sally Jesse Raphael (TV Host) - GSG
Sandra Day O'Connor (Ex-Supreme) - MJ
Sarah Jane Moore (Attempted Assassin) - LADYK
Scott Hall (Wrassler) - H2CO
Seiji Ozawa (Conductor) - GSG
Selena Gomez (Singer) - EDIT
Shannen Doherty (TV Actress) - MJ
Shecky Greene (Comedian) - WARD
Sheldon Adelson (Casino Owner) - E (01/11)
Shelley Long (Actress) - GRODY
Sidney Poitier (Actor) - QOTU
Siegfried Fischbacher (Tiger Magician) - NICK (01/13)
Sonny Rollins (Jazzman) - MJ
Stella Stevens (Actress) - WARD
Stephen Sondheim (Composer) - EDIT (11/26)
Steve Lawrence (Singer) - EDIT
Susan Engel (Actress, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE

Tanya Roberts (Actress) - GRIM (01/04)
Tempest Storm (Burlesque Legend) - SPIN (04/20)
Teri Garr (Actress) - MJ
Tim Green (NFL) - FOTO
Tina Louise (Actress) - H2CO
Tina Turner (Iconic Singer) - WARD
Tom Lehrer (Satirist Singer) - MJ
Tom Parker (Singer) - WARD
Tom Sizemore (Trainwreck Actor) - E
Tommy John (MLB Great) - NICK
Tommy Lasorda (Dodgeball Manager) - MJ (01/07)
Tony Bennett (Iconic Crooner) - LUX
Tony Dorsett (NFL) - TIME
Tricia Nixon Cox (Ex-First Daughter) - NOLA

Val Kilmer (Actor) - WARD
Valerie Perrine (Actress) - HARV
Vera Miles (Actress) - GRIM
Vin Scully (Legendary sports announcer) - TIME
Virginia Patton (Actress) - SPIN

Walter Mirisch (Producer) - GRODY
Walter Mondale (Iconic Politico) - LUX (04/19)
Warren Jeffs (Scumbag Cult leader) - E
Wayne LaPierre (NRA Scumbag) - E
Willard Scott (TV Weatherdude) - WARD (09/04)
William Daniels (Actor) - FIRE
William Gaunt (Actor, Midsomer Murders) - YKEWCE
William Shatner ((Over)actor) - PALL
William The Refrigerator Perry (NFL) - HEM
Willie Mays (MLB) - FOTO
Willie Nelson (Iconic Country Singer) - LUX

Yoko Ono (Iconic Musician) - LUX


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