The 2017 Season has begun, see the Rules page for info and the entry form!

In the Majors, WARD is above everyone else with five hits, while LUX and FOTO are just behind with four. Tied for last are STAB, E and MJ. We've got a close game with less than two months to go!

Wow! What a fight for the top spot in the Minors! ROYAL has 7 freakin' hits already, while DAAS, with a pretty impressive 5, scratches his head wondering what else he has to do! A slew have one to three corpses each, and everyone else is biding their time patiently.

In the 2016 Majors, STAB won with 8 amazing hits! WOWIE. SPINZO came in 2nd with 6 stellar hits, MJ in 3rd with 5 smackeroos, E in 4th with 2 dingers, followed by LUX also with 2 and WARD with a solo shot.

The 2016 Minors saw longtime player FOTO win with 6 spectacular hits! DAAS came in 2nd with 4 smackers, followed in 3rd by HEM also with 4 ringy-dingies. In 4th was VIVA with 3 hits, followed by GSG, FIRE, then ANN. Congrats to all and thanks as always for playing!


The Major Leaguers:



E = E-Brake

LUX = The Luxury Woman

WARD = Mr. 50s

FOTO = Fotojrn

The Minor Leaguers:

SPIN = Spinzo

DAAS = DrunkAsASkunk

HEM = Captain Hemlock

ROYAL = Let's Have More Royal Funerals

GRIM = Grim McGraw

YKEWCE = YouKillEmWeChillEm

LADYK = Lady Karaoke

METAL = Metalcidal

NICK = NecroNick

HARV = Harvey D

WMDL = Where's My Damn List

EDIT = Editer43

GRODY = Mr. 80s

FIRE = Fireball

ANN = Arsenic Annie

GSG = Go See God

GODI = Godiago's Scythe

PALL = Vincent Pall

JAH = Just A Hobby

H2CO = The Embalmer

STRAY = The Stray Shopping Carts

MO = Mo Mento Mori

TROC = Trocar Button

Abu Bakr Al Bagdhadi (Terrorist) - SPIN
Adam West (Actor) - LUX (06/09)
Al Jaffee (Mad Magazine Cartoonist) - HEM
Albert Finney (Actor) - MO
Albert Wilkinson (Oompa Loompa) - HARV
Andy Bell (Singer) - GODI
Angela Bofill (Singer/Songwriter) - NICK
Anne Jeffreys (Actress) - GSG (09/27)
Arlene Dahl (Actress) - LADYK
Arte Johnson (Comedian-Laugh In) - HEM
Austin Chumlee Russell (Pawn Stars stooge) - EDIT
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Ayattolah) - STAB

Barbara Bush (Mother of Dubya) - MJ
Barbara Walters (TV News Icon) - LADYK
Barry Manilow (Singer) - E
Bart Starr (NFL) - MJ
Bashar Al-Assad (Syrian Dick-tater) - WMDL
Bea Wain (Singer) - ANN (08/19) - OBITUARY PENDING
Bernie Madoff (Scumbag) - E
Betty White (Coolest Broad Ever) - YKEWCE
Beverly Cleary (Author) - WARD
Big Van Vader (Wrassler) - WARD
Bill Clinton (Ex-Prez) - STRAY
Bill Cosby (Rapist) - LUX
Bill Dana (Comedian) - METAL (06/15)
Bill Loud (Reality TV Star) - ANN
Billy Zoom (Guitarist with X) - NICK
Bob Barker (TV Host) - LUX
Bob Dole (Politico) - WARD
Bob Dorough (Schoolhouse Rock) - ANN
Bob Newhart (Comedian) - E
Bobby Brown (MLB) - GODI
Bobby Doerr (MLB) - MJ (11/13)
Bret Michaels (Poisonous Musician) - STRAY
Brian Wilson (Beach Boy) - HARV
Brooks Robinson (MLB) - H2CO
Bruce Forsyth (Actor) - GODI (08/18)
Bruce Langhorne (Musician) - ROYAL (04/14)
Brunhilde Pomsel (Goebbels ex-secretary) - ROYAL (01/27)
Burt Reynolds (Actor) - WARD
Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut) - WARD

Camille Cosby (Wife of rapist) - LADYK
Cardinal Bernard Law (Cardinal) - SPIN
Carl Reiner (TV Icon) - METAL
Carol Burnett (Comedy icon) - MO
Carol Channing (Actress) - FOTO
Carole Cook (Actress) - LADYK
Cat Marnell (Author) - MO
Charles Aznavour (French singer) - GSG
Charles Manson (Serial Murderer) - JAH
Charles Van Doren (Quiz Show cheat) - WMDL
Charlie Sheen (Trainwreck) - E
Charlotte Rae (Actress) - WARD
Chris Mortensen (Sports Journalist) - MJ
Chuck Barris (Gong Show Host) - HEM (03/21)
Chuck Yeager (Speed of Sound Dude) - YKEWCE
Cicely Tyson (Actress) - LUX
Claus von Bulow (Alleged murderer) - NICK
Clint Hill (JFK Secret Service Agent) - GRIM
Clint Walker (Actor) - EDIT
Clive Barker (Director) - PALL
Clive James (Author) - MJ
Cloris Leachman (Actress) - WMDL
Clu Gulagher (Actor) - METAL
Colin Butts (Writer) - ROYAL
Colin Meads (Rugby player) - ROYAL (08/20)
Connie Lawn (White House Reporter) - WARD
Connie Sawyer (Actress) - GRIM
Corey Feldman (Trainwreck) - H2CO

Dalai Lama (Religious Leader) - MJ
David Prowse (Actor, Darth Vader) - H2CO
David Rockefeller (Rockefeller Scion) - WARD (03/20)
David Spade (Comic Actor) - STRAY
Debbie Rowe (Ex-wife of Michael Jackson) - HARV
Della Reese (Actress) - MJ
Denise Nickerson (Actress) - WARD
Dennis Hastert (Scumbag) - E
Diahann Carroll (Singer) - FOTO
Diana Baby Peggy Cary (Actress) - GRODY
Dianne Feinstein (Senator) - NICK
Dick Cheney (Torture Aficionado) - E
Dick Nourse (News Anchor) - TROC
Dick Van Dyke (Comic Actor) - PALL
Dmitri Hvorostovsky (Opera Singer) - HEM
Doc Sevrinsen (Trumpet player) - YKEWCE
Don Larsen (MLB) - GODI
Don Lusk (Animator) - GRIM
Don Malarkey (Band of Brothers) - SPIN (09/30)
Don Rickles (Comedian) - LUX (04/06)
Donald Rumsfeld (Corrupt Politico) - JAH
Donald Trump (Racist Dbag) - MJ
Doris Day (Actress) - WARD
Dorothy Letterman (TV and IRL Mom of Dave) - WARD (04/11)
Dorothy Malone (Actress) - EDIT
Douglas Rains (Voice of HAL9000) - GRIM

Ed Asner (Actor) - WARD
Ed Meese (Ex-AG) - JAH
Eddie Vedder (Singer) - MO
Edwin Edwards (Corrupt Politico) - JAH
Ernest Fritz Hollings (Politico) - EDIT
Errol Christie (Boxer) - DAAS (06/11)
Eve Marie Saint (Actress) - HARV

Fats Domino (Musician) - FOTO (10/24)
Franco Zefferelli (Famous filmmaker) - YKEWCE
Fred Lorenzen (NASCAR) - SPIN

G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate) - HARV
Garrett Morris (Comedian) - GRODY
Gary Graffman (Famous pianist) - YKEWCE
Gary Player (Golfer) - YKEWCE
Gaston Glock (Gun Dude) - STAB
Gene Mean Gene Okerland (WWF/WWE Announcer) - H2CO
George H. W. Bush (Dad of Dubya) - STAB
George Shultz (Nixon cabinet member) - HARV
Gerald Kaufman (UK politico) - ROYAL (02/26)
Glen Campbell (Singer) - LUX (08/08)
Gloria Henry (Actress) - WMDL
Gloria Vanderbilt (Socialite) - GSG
Glynis Johns (Actress) - WMDL
Gord Downie (Singer) - FOTO (10/17)
Gordon Aikman (ALS CAmpaigner) - ROYAL (02/03)
Greg Gilbert (Musician) - DAAS
Guy Kawasaki (Venture Capitalist) - TROC

Hal Holbrook (Actor) - FOTO
Hal Moore (Army Lt. Gen., Author) - EDIT (02/10) - OBITUARY PENDING
Harlan Ellison (Author) - STAB
Harry Belafonte (Singer) - LUX
Harry Dean Stanton (Actor) - NICK (09/15)
Harry Whittington (Cheney Target Practice) - MJ
Helmut Kohl (German Politico) - STAB (06/16)
Henry Kissinger (War criminal) - FIRE
Herman Wouk (Author) - FOTO
Honor Blackman (Actress) - METAL
Hosni Mubarak (Dictator) - STAB
Hossein Khosrow (The Iron Sheik, Wrassler) - PALL
Hugh Downs (TV Newsguy) - FOTO
Hugh Hefner (Playboy) - LUX (09/27)

I.M. Pei (Architect) - FOTO
Ian Brady (Murderer) - STAB (05/15)
Iris Apfel (Socialite) - ANN

Jacques Chirac (Politico) - STAB
Jake LaMotta (Boxer) - WARD (09/19)
James A. Baker III (Ex-Sec of State) - JAH
James Earl Jones (Actor) - PALL
James Hamilton (UDA Terrorist) - DAAS
James Lipton (Inside The Actors Studio) - NICK
James Whitey Bulger (Arch-criminal) - GSG
Jane Withers (Actress) - LADYK
Janis Paige (Actress) - ANN
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (Pumpkinfuhrer Racist AG pick) - FIRE
Jerry Lawler (Wrassler) - METAL
Jerry Lee Lewis (Musician) - LUX
Jerry Lewis (Comedian) - E (08/20)
Jerry Van Dyke (Actor) - LADYK
Jiang Zewin (Politico) - STAB
Jill Gascoine (Actress) - GODI
Jim Bullock (TV Actor) - TROC
Jim Bunning (MLB) - FIRE (05/26)
Jim Harris (Original Kamala, wrassler) - HARV
Jim Leavelle (JFK Dallas cop) - GRIM
Jim Nabors (Actor) - STAB
Jimmy Carter (Great President) - STAB
Jimmy Kimmel (TV Host) - TROC
Joanne Woodward Actress - E
Joe Jackson (Dad of Michael) - WARD
John Astin (Actor) - LUX
John B. Anderson (Frmr Prez Candidate) - JAH
John Bain (TotalBiscuit) - STAB
John Hurt (Actor) - MJ (01/27)
John Madden (NFL) - FOTO
John McCain (US Senator) - TROC
John McVie (Musician) - FOTO
John Morgan Jr. (Huntsman World Senior Games) - TROC
John Paul Stevens (Supreme Justice) - FOTO
John Rigas (Cable TV Mogul) - SPIN
John Warner (Ex-Senator) - JAH
Jonathan Demme (Film director) - ROYAL (04/26)
Jonathan Haze (Little Shop of Horrors) - GRIM
Joost van der Westhuizen (Rugby) - FOTO (02/06)
Joseph Wapner (TV Judge) - MJ (02/26)
Josh Hamilton (MLB) - H2CO
Joyce Randolph (Actress) - LUX
June Foray (Voice Actress) - WARD (07/26)
Justin Bieber (Trainwreck) - E

Karl Rove (Horrible person) - MO
Katherine MacGregor (Little House Actress) - WARD
Kay Hagen (Senator) - SPIN
Keith Jackson (Sports Announcer) - GODI
Keith Richards (Rolling Stone) - WMDL
Kelly Osbourne (Talk Show Host) - E
Kenneth Kaunda (Ex-Prez of Zambia) - GSG
Kevin James (Alleged Actor) - STRAY
Kid Rock (Alleged Musician) - STRAY
Kim Jong-un (Fearless Leader) - PALL
King Michael of Romania (King) - DAAS
King Salman (Saudi Arabia) - MJ
Kirk Douglas (Actor) - LUX

Larry King (Talk Show Host) - H2CO
Larry Storch (Actor) - WARD
Leah Bracknell (Actress) - DAAS
Lee Fierro (Actress) - HARV
Lee Iacocca (Chairman) - GSG
Lenny Kravitz (Musician) - TROC
Liliane Bettencourt (Loreal Heiress) - FOTO (09/21)
Lindsay Lohan (Trainwreck) - E
Little Richard (Musician) - LUX
Liz Smith (Gossipmonger) - E (11/12)
Liza Minnelli (Actress/Singer) - LADYK
Lois Ranson (Actress) - ANN
Loretta Lynn (Country Singer) - E
Louis Gossett Jr (Actor) - HEM
Luis Echeverria (Mexican president) - HEM
Lyndon Larouche (Politico) - GSG
Lyon Gardner Tyler Jr. (Pres. Tyler Grandson) - GRIM

Madonna Ciccone (Singer) - PALL
Maggie Smith (Actress) - LADYK
Magic Johnson (NBA) - GRODY
Malcolm McDowell (Actor) - EDIT
Malcolm Young (AC/DC guitarist) - METAL (11/18)
Marieke Vervoort (Paralympic Athlete) - HEM
Mario Soares (Portuguese politico) - DAAS (01/07)
Mary Carlisle (Actress) - GRIM
Mary Margaret Corbally (TV Personality) - YKEWCE
Mary Tyler Moore (Actress) - STAB (01/25)
Mary-Kate Olsen (Actress) - MO
Meat Loaf (Singer) - LUX
Mel Brooks (Director) - GRODY
Mel Stottlemyre (MLB) - MJ
Merrill Heatter (Game Show Producer) - FIRE (10/08) - OBITUARY PENDING
Michael Moorcock (Author) - PALL
Michael Schumacher (Race Car Driver) - FIRE
Mick Jagger (Rolling Stone) - WMDL
Mikhail Gorbachev (Russian Politico) - EDIT
Milt Schmidt (Hockey HOF) - SPIN (01/04)
Monty Hall (TV Host) - METAL (09/30)
Morgana King (Actress) - HARV
Morton Sobell (Spy) - METAL

Nanette Fabray (Actress) - FOTO
Nehemiah Persoff (Actor) - GRODY
Neil Simon (Playwright) - MJ
Noam Chomsky (Politico) - GSG
Nobby Stiles (British Soccer Player) - HEM
Norman Lear (TV Icon) - GRIM
Norman Lloyd (Actor) - FOTO

OJ Brigance (NFL) - FOTO
OJ Simpson (Murderer) - E
Olivia DeHavilland (Actress) - FOTO
Ozzy Osbourne (Trainwreck) - PALL

Pam Anderson (Alleged Actress) - STRAY
Pat Loud (Reality TV star) - ANN
Patricia Morison (Actress) - GRODY
Patrick Duffy (Actor) - STRAY
Paul Barselou (Actor) - ANN
Paul Briggs (Gulf War veteran) - DAAS (01/22)
Paul Gascoigne (Soccer) - STAB
Paul Laxalt (Politico) - JAH
Paul Schrade (RFK aide) - HARV
Pele (Soccer Icon) - E
Penny Marshall (Actress) - STAB
Pete Doherty (Trainwreck) - FIRE
Pete Wilson (Ex-CA Governor) - JAH
Peter Sallis (Actor) - ROYAL (06/02)
Peter Skellern (Musician) - DAAS (02/17)
Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) - FIRE
Pope Benedict (ex-Pope) - STAB
Pope Francis (Current Pope) - FIRE
Prince Philip (Prince) - LUX
Priscilla Presley (Actress) - STRAY
Professor Irwin Corey (Comedian) - E (02/06)

Queen Elizabeth (Queen) - MJ

Ralph Clarke (Paedophile) - ROYAL
Raul Castro (Politico) - GODI
Rayya Elias (Writer) - DAAS
Red Schoendienst (MLB) - EDIT
Rev. Billy Graham (Reverend) - STAB
Rhonda Fleming (Actress) - GRIM
Richard Anderson (TV Actor) - YKEWCE (08/31)
Richard Cole (Doolittle Raider) - SPIN
Richard Overton (Oldest Vet) - WARD
Richard Sherman (NFL) - EDIT
Richard Simmons (Health Guru) - E
Richard Venture (Actor) - ANN
Rico The Stylist Constantino (Wrassler) - SPIN
Rip Taylor (Comedian) - LADYK
Robert Casper (Actor) - ANN
Robert Guillaume (Actor) - FIRE (10/24)
Robert Hales (Ecclesiastical Leader) - TROC
Robert Morgenthau (Former NYC District Attorney) - YKEWCE
Robert Mugabe (Dictator) - E
Robert Packwood (Ex-Senator) - H2CO
Robert Redford (Actor, Activist) - MO
Rod Carew (MLB) - MJ
Roger Corman (Producer) - GRODY
Roger Moore (Bond, James Bond) - PALL (05/23)
Rose Marie (Actress) - LUX
Ross Perot (Politico) - H2CO
Roy Clark (Country Singer) - PALL
Roy Sievers (Baseball player) - NICK (04/03)
Rush Limbaugh (Horrible Radio Host) - MO
Russell Baker (Author) - YKEWCE
Ruta Lee (Actress) - LADYK
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme Justice) - STAB

Sam Huff (NFL) - FOTO
Sam Mele (MLB) - GSG (05/01)
Sara Coward (Actress) - DAAS (02/12)
Scott Hamilton (Skater) - MJ
Sean Connery (Actor) - MJ
Seiji Ozawa (Conductor) - GSG
Shannen Doherty (Actress) - MJ
Sheldon Adelson (Political gadfly) - NICK
Shelley Duvall (Actress) - HEM
Shelley Long (Actress) - GRODY
Sidney Poitier (Actor) - LUX
Simon Ricketts (Journalist) - ROYAL
Stan Lee (Comic Icon) - LUX
Stanley Donen (Director) - GRODY
Stansfield Turner (Ex-CIA director) - EDIT
Stefen Karl Stefansson (Actor) - GODI
Stephen Hawking (Smart Dude) - STAB
Steven Tyler (Musician) - STRAY
Sumner Redstone (Media Dude) - FOTO
Superfly Jimmy Snuka (Wrassler) - WARD (01/15)

T. Boone Pickens (Oil Tycoon) - H2CO
Teri Garr (Actress) - LUX
Terry Jacks (Singer) - WMDL
Terry Jones (Monty Python) - WMDL
TG Sheppard (Country singer) - SPIN
Tim Curry (Actor) - E
Tom Brokaw (News Anchor) - TROC
Tommy Chong (Comedian) - MJ
Tommy Lasorda (MLB) - E
Tommy Lee (Musician, Trainwreck) - STRAY
Tony Bennett (Crooner) - WMDL
Tony Booth (Actor) - GODI (09/25)
Tony Dow (Actor) - GODI

Val Kilmer (Actor) - FOTO
Valerie Harper (Actress) - WARD
Vera Lynn (Singer) - FIRE
Vladimir Putin (Meddling Prez) - MO

Walter Mirisch (Producer) - GRODY
Whitey Ford (MLB) - H2CO
Wilford Brimley (Actor, Diabeetus Spokesman) - MO
Willard Scott (Weatherdude) - LUX
William Broomfield (ex-US Congressman) - NICK
William Perry (Ex-Sec of Defense) - JAH
William Shatner (Hammy Actor) - METAL
William The Refrigerator Perry (NFL player) - HEM
Wolf Blitzer (News Anchor, Jeopardy Fail) - TROC

Y. A. Tittle (NFL) - NICK (10/08)
Yahya Jammeh (Gambia) - STAB
Yoko Ono (Alleged singer) - METAL


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