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Mr. 50s

Avg age of Hits: 95.20


Avg age of Hits: 81.50


Avg age of Hits: 83.33

The Luxury Woman

Avg age of Hits: 95.25

Rush Limbaugh
(Horrible Person) (02/17)

Tommy Lasorda
(Dodgeball Manager) (01/07)

Harvey Weinstein
(Scumbag Producer)

Prince Philip
(Iconic Royal) (04/09)

Bob Dole

Olivia Newton-John

Dick Cheney
(Torture Aficionado)

Betty White
(Iconic Comedian)

Stella Stevens

Louis Gossett, Jr.

Dennis Hastert
(Scumbag Politico)

Dick Van Dyke
(Iconic Comic Actor)

Nichelle Nichols
(Star Trek Actress)

Bob Newhart
(Iconic Comedian)

Wayne LaPierre
(NRA Scumbag)

Loretta Lynn
(Iconic Country Singer)

Norman Lloyd
(Actor) (05/11)

Shannen Doherty
(TV Actress)

Gary Glitter
(Scumbag Pedo)

Jimmy Carter
(Iconic Ex-President)

Beverly Cleary
(Author) (03/25)

Pope Benedict

Karl Rove

Tony Bennett
(Iconic Crooner)

Larry Storch

Bill Freehan
(Ex-MLB) (08/19)

OJ Simpson
(Scumbag Murderer)

Harry Belafonte
(Iconic Crooner)

June Lockhart

Peter Angelos
(Scumbag MLB Owner)

Bernie Madoff
(Scumbag Conman) (04/14)

Mel Brooks
(Iconic Funnyman)

Bob Barker
(TV Host)

Al Jaffee
(Mad Magazine Artist)

Henry Kissinger

Willie Nelson
(Iconic Country Singer)

Joyce Randolph

Teri Garr

Warren Jeffs
(Scumbag Cult leader)

Bill Cosby
(Iconic Scumbag Rapist)

Jerry Lee Lewis

Harry Reid

Charlie Sheen
(Trainwreck Actor)

Norman Lear
(Iconic TV producer)

Willard Scott
(TV Weatherdude)

Leon Spinks
(Ex-Boxer) (02/05)

Lindsay Lohan
(Trainwreck Actress)

Clint Eastwood
(Iconic Actor)

George Shultz
(Politico) (02/06)

Larry King
(TV Host) (01/23)

Sheldon Adelson
(Casino Owner) (01/11)

Mick Jagger
(Iconic Singer)

Val Kilmer

Jim Kelly

Pat Robertson

Barbara Walters
(Iconic Journalist)

James Earl Jones

Sonny Rollins

Anthony Kennedy

Yoko Ono
(Iconic Musician)

Billy Connolly

Queen Elizabeth

Raul Castro
(Ex-Cuban Prez)

Doc Severinsen
(Iconic TV Bandleader)

Tina Turner
(Iconic Singer)

Donald Trump
(Ex-President, Conman)

Courtney Love
(Trainwreck Singer)

Hal Holbrook
(Iconic Actor) (01/23)

Cicely Tyson
(Actress) (01/28)

Artie Lange

Pete Doherty
(Trainwreck Singer)

Leslie Phillips
(Iconic Sorting Hat voice)

Caren Marsh Doll

Sandra Day O'Connor

Pat Boone

Jeffrey Jones
(Scumbag Actor)

Tom Parker

Roger Angell

Barry Manilow

Walter Mondale
(Iconic Politico) (04/19)

Gene Shalit
(Movie Reviewer)

Rosalyn Carter
(Ex-First Lady)

Gary Busey
(Weirdo Actor)

Marsha Hunt
(Blacklisted Actress)

Michael Caputo
(Political Strategist)

Tom Lehrer
(Satirist Singer)

Phil Spector
(Scumbag Murderer) (01/16)

Gene Hackman
(Iconic Actor)

Shecky Greene

Dalai Lama
(Religious Icon)

Richard Simmons
(Exercise Guru)

Harrison Ford
(Iconic Bad Airplane Pilot)

Ole Anderson

Ali Khamenei
(Iran Supreme Leader)

Tom Sizemore
(Trainwreck Actor)

Ed Asner
(Iconic Actor)

Lisa Marie Presley

Harry Whittington
(Cheney Target Practice)

Bobby Brown
(Scumbag Singer)

Cloris Leachman
(Iconic Comic Actress) (01/26)

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