Bastille Guy's Bio

Bastille Guy

WINNER of Rounds: 1, 91 in the "Who's Next" Game

So much for picking Pele. And how did Spinzo find 2 of my secret picks?! (Doyle and Earl) Well since I've been gone 10 years I can't complain.

When I met EBrake I was an air traffic controller. Now I have been dealing poker for 8 years.


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Brian Wilson (Beach Boy)

Connie Francis (Singer)

Erich von Daniken (Godfather of Alien Conspiracy)

Herb Alpert (Musician)

Jim Otto (Football player)

Joe Walsh (Rock legend)

John Cullum (Actor)

Noam Chomsky (Father of Modern Linguistics)

Oscar Robertson (Basketball player)

Dabney Coleman (Actor)

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