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Rev. Billy Graham (Reverend)

George H. W. Bush (Dad of Dubya)

Jimmy Carter (Great President)

Stephen Hawking (Smart Dude)

Helmut Kohl (German Politico) (06/16)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Ayattolah)

Mary Tyler Moore (Actress) (01/25)

Jacques Chirac (Politico)

John Bain (TotalBiscuit)

Harlan Ellison (Author)

Ian Brady (Murderer) (05/15)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme Justice)

Hosni Mubarak (Dictator)

Pope Benedict (ex-Pope)

Penny Marshall (Actress)

Gaston Glock (Gun Dude)

Jim Nabors (Actor)

Paul Gascoigne (Soccer)

Jiang Zewin (Politico)

Yahya Jammeh (Gambia)

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