Let's have more Royal Funerals's Bio

Let's have more Royal Funerals

Based in Great Britain I am in my forties and work in a store. I love the idea of predicting who is going to die. It is a pity that the bookies won't take bets on it !!!


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Marieke Vervoort (Paralympian)

Charlotte Rae (Actress)

Clive James (Author)

Bernard Tapei (French Politician)

Devin Lima (Singer)

Greg Gilbert (Singer)

Jacqui Forster (Soccer Campaigner)

Johnny Clegg (Singer)

Jonny Nilsson (Speedskater)

Leah Bracknell (Actress)

Liam Miller (Footballer) (02/09)

Noel Conway (Euthanasia Campaigner)

Patrick Cryne (Football Club Owner) (01/22)

Paul Alcock (Football Referee) (01/29)

Rayya Elias (Author-Pick Pending TOD) (01/04) - OBITUARY PENDING

Tessa Jowell (UK Politico) (05/12)

Barbara Walters (Journalist)

Alberto Fujimori (Peruvian Politico)

Dean Francis (Boxer) (05/25)

Simon Ricketts (Journalist)

Colin Butts (Author)

Matt Cappotelli (Wrassler)

Angus Sinclair (Murderer)

Dennis Goldberg (South African Politico)

Murray Walker (F1 Commentator)

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