Let's have more Royal Funerals's Bio

Let's have more Royal Funerals

Based in Great Britain I am in my forties and work in a store. I love the idea of predicting who is going to die. It is a pity that the bookies won't take bets on it !!!


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Marieke Vervoort (Paralympian)

Charlotte Rae (Actress) (08/05)

Clive James (Author)

Bernard Tapei (French Politician)

Devin Lima (Singer)

Greg Gilbert (Singer)

Jacqui Forster (Soccer Campaigner) (04/22)

Johnny Clegg (Singer)

Jonny Nilsson (Speedskater)

Leah Bracknell (Actress)

Liam Miller (Footballer) (02/09)

Noel Conway (Euthanasia Campaigner)

Patrick Cryne (Football Club Owner) (01/22)

Paul Alcock (Football Referee) (01/29)

Rayya Elias (Author-Pick Pending TOD) (01/04) - OBITUARY PENDING

Tessa Jowell (UK Politico) (05/12)

Barbara Walters (Journalist)

Alberto Fujimori (Peruvian Politico)

Dean Francis (Boxer) (05/25)

Simon Ricketts (Journalist)

Colin Butts (Author) (06/28) - OBITUARY PENDING

Matt Cappotelli (Wrassler) (06/29)

Angus Sinclair (Murderer)

Dennis Goldberg (South African Politico)

Murray Walker (F1 Commentator)

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