Let's have more Royal Funerals's Bio

Let's have more Royal Funerals

Based in Great Britain I am in my forties and work in a store. I love the idea of predicting who is going to die. It is a pity that the bookies won't take bets on it !!!


*** Average age of Hits: 52.67 ***

Fatima Ali (Chopped Star) (01/25)

Leah Bracknell (Actress)

Andrew Fairlie (Master Chef Star) (01/22)

John Andretti (Racecar Driver)

Kathleen Blanco (Politico)

Keith Cass (Charity Boss)

Lee Kerslake (Uriah Heap Drummer)

Jeff Blackshear (NFL)

Bill Heine (Broadcaster) (04/02)

Bill Freehan (MLB)

Larry Langford (Politico) (01/08) - OBITUARY PENDING

Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Prez of Algeria)

Pat Smullen (Jockey)

Bruce Anstey (Motorcycle Racer)

Christy Dignam (Irish Singer)

Susan Bayh (Indiana First Lady)

Tony Drewitt-Barlow (LGBT Activist)

Jose Jose (Singer)

Samu (Wrassling)

Michael John Robinson (Footballer)

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