MJ's Bio


WINNER of Rounds: 67, 81, 83, 93, 107, 124, 128, 135, 155, 163, 174, 194 in the "Who's Next" Game

One of the best test pilots in the U.S., MJ was convinced by his best friend to take a poorly shielded rocket into space, whereupon cosmic rays bombarded the spacecraft altering the appearance of the intrepid explorer. He was transformed into an incredibly strong, yet grotesque protector of? No, wait! That's the bio of The Thing! Let's start again.

MJ has been interested in celebrity deaths since about the time of his parents' purchase of the 1972 version of the Funk & Wagnall's Encyclopedia one volume at a time on a weekly basis from the local supermarket. MJ, then 5 years old, would wake up early every morning to read the entries for various historic personages and was particularly intrigued by the U.S. Presidents. One of the first deaths MJ can recall was LBJ's in 1973. Other demises he remembers vividly from those formative years include Jack Benny's and Joe (McHale's Navy) Flynn's. When reading biographies, MJ always flipped to the end to see how the subject went to the Great Beyond. The more detailed, the better. Of course, the obit page was a must-read in the newspaper each day and once MJ was old enough to strike out on his own he would look forward to visiting his parents at Christmas so that he could take a look at his Mom's year-end People magazine where they would list those who had passed on during the past year. He still remembers his horror upon discovering that he had totally missed out on the death of Ethel Merman. Finally, in late 2002, while watching a football game with his sister, he was introduced to the world of dead pools. MJ soon after made it his life's mission to know everything there is to know about celebrity illnesses.

MJ is married and the father of two, and is fairly confident that he is the only left-handed flat-footed near-sighted color blind atheist quasi-vegetarian stay-at-home Dad of Polish descent participating in this particular game.


*** Average age of Hits: 89.60 ***

Jimmy Carter (Ex-President)

Andy Taylor (Duran Duran Guitarist)

Shannen Doherty (Trainwreck Actress)

Dick Vitale (Sports Personality)

Sandra Day O'Connor (Ex-Supreme)

Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) (06/10)

Bob Newhart (Comedy Legend)

Peter Angelos (Baseball Owner)

Teri Garr (Actress)

Pat Robertson (Vile Televangelist) (06/08)

Roberta Flack (Singer)

Toby Keith (Country Music Icon)

Tina Turner (Iconic Singer) (05/24)

Michael York (Actor)

Joanne Woodward (Actress)

Harry Belafonte (Singer) (04/25)

Sonny Rollins (Jazzman)

Peter Max (Artist)

Jake The Snake Roberts (Wrassler)

Harry Whittington (Cheney Target Practice) (02/04)