Metalicidal's Bio


I'm new to this dead pool thing. My dad loves them, so I joined up to make the old guy happy. Live in California, land of the Governator.

Weather's great, economy sucks, blah, blah, blah. I'm in the 14th grade at one of our local junior colleges, hope to be a screenwriter or animator one day.


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Clu Gulagher (Actor)

Morton Sobell (Spy)

Honor Blackman (Actress)

William Shatner (Hammy Actor)

Yoko Ono (Alleged singer)

Malcolm Young (AC/DC guitarist) (11/18)

Jerry Lawler (Wrassler)

Monty Hall (TV Host) (09/30)

Carl Reiner (TV Icon)

Bill Dana (Comedian) (06/15)

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