The Luxury Woman's Bio

I'm an aging Generation X'r coming to grips with mortality. In the old days, nobody could "out party" me. Now, it's "lights out" by 9 pm.

I enjoy movies, music, and reading books. But my favorite hobby is being the devoted wife of the Major League's beloved "Mr. 50's". As you can see from my photo, I haven't been spending a lot of time at the gym lately. But that's ok. Mr. 50's says most folks drive a compact car, and he prefers a luxury model. Therefore, I am The Luxury Woman.

I figure I can't miss in the Ghoul Pool. I've always had a knack for spotting a celeb who's outta time, and I also happen to sleep with the 1998 Ghoul Pool Champion. Now, you gotta excuse me. Mr. 50's will be home in a few minutes, and I've got to go get his pipe and slippers.


*** Average age of Hits: 95.25 ***

Prince Philip (Iconic Royal) (04/09)

Betty White (Iconic Comedian)

Dick Van Dyke (Iconic Comic Actor)

Loretta Lynn (Iconic Country Singer)

Jimmy Carter (Iconic Ex-President)

Tony Bennett (Iconic Crooner)

Harry Belafonte (Iconic Crooner)

Mel Brooks (Iconic Funnyman)

Willie Nelson (Iconic Country Singer)

Bill Cosby (Iconic Scumbag Rapist)

Norman Lear (Iconic TV producer)

Clint Eastwood (Iconic Actor)

Mick Jagger (Iconic Singer)

Barbara Walters (Iconic Journalist)

Yoko Ono (Iconic Musician)

Doc Severinsen (Iconic TV Bandleader)

Hal Holbrook (Iconic Actor) (01/23)

Leslie Phillips (Iconic Sorting Hat voice)

Jeffrey Jones (Scumbag Actor)

Walter Mondale (Iconic Politico) (04/19)

Marsha Hunt (Blacklisted Actress)

Gene Hackman (Iconic Actor)

Harrison Ford (Iconic Bad Airplane Pilot)

Ed Asner (Iconic Actor)

Cloris Leachman (Iconic Comic Actress) (01/26)