The Luxury Woman's Bio

I'm an aging Generation X'r coming to grips with mortality. In the old days, nobody could "out party" me. Now, it's "lights out" by 9 pm.

I enjoy movies, music, and reading books. But my favorite hobby is being the devoted wife of the Major League's beloved "Mr. 50's". As you can see from my photo, I haven't been spending a lot of time at the gym lately. But that's ok. Mr. 50's says most folks drive a compact car, and he prefers a luxury model. Therefore, I am The Luxury Woman.

I figure I can't miss in the Ghoul Pool. I've always had a knack for spotting a celeb who's outta time, and I also happen to sleep with the 1998 Ghoul Pool Champion. Now, you gotta excuse me. Mr. 50's will be home in a few minutes, and I've got to go get his pipe and slippers.


*** Average age of Hits: 87.50 ***

Kirk Douglas (Actor)

Hugh Hefner (Playboy) (09/27)

Bob Barker (TV Host)

Prince Philip (Prince)

Willard Scott (Weatherdude)

Stan Lee (Comic Icon)

Glen Campbell (Singer) (08/08)

Teri Garr (Actress)

Rose Marie (Actress)

Bill Cosby (Rapist)

Sidney Poitier (Actor)

Don Rickles (Comedian) (04/06)

Meat Loaf (Singer)

Jerry Lee Lewis (Musician)

Little Richard (Musician)

Harry Belafonte (Singer)

John Astin (Actor)

Adam West (Actor) (06/09)

Joyce Randolph (Actress)

Cicely Tyson (Actress)