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A college student, being incredibly bored, and also possessing a very macabre imagination, heard someone mentioning the Ghoul Pool on one of his favorite radio shows. Intrigued, and wanting a break from the essay he was writing, he submitted his picks for people that were going to during the year in late November, 2006.

This is that college student.

Quote: "I often attach "Damus" to the end of my name thanks to my brilliant prognostications."


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Norman Borlaug (Agronomist, DNQ - Died 2009)

Walter Mondale (Ex-VP)

James Baker III (Former Secretary)

Sandra Day O'Connor (Former Supreme)

Lyndon LaRouche (Perennial Prez Candidate)

Ralph Hall (Oldest Ever US Rep)

Ernest Fritz Hollings (Former US Rep)

Edwin Edwards (Politico)

Yasuhiro Nakasone (Former Japanese PM)

Javier Perez de Cuellar (Former UN SecGen)

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