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Just a Hobby

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A college student, being incredibly bored, and also possessing a very macabre imagination, heard someone mentioning the Ghoul Pool on one of his favorite radio shows. Intrigued, and wanting a break from the essay he was writing, he submitted his picks for people that were going to during the year in late November, 2006.

This is that college student.

Quote: "I often attach "Damus" to the end of my name thanks to my brilliant prognostications."


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Charles Manson (Serial Murderer)

James A. Baker III (Ex-Sec of State)

William Perry (Ex-Sec of Defense)

Donald Rumsfeld (Corrupt Politico)

Ed Meese (Ex-AG)

John B. Anderson (Frmr Prez Candidate)

Edwin Edwards (Corrupt Politico)

Paul Laxalt (Politico)

John Warner (Ex-Senator)

Pete Wilson (Ex-CA Governor)

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