The Embalmer's Bio

The Embalmer

From Forney, TX (outside Dallas).

Plays Fantasy Football & Baseball and now reality death.

My favorite thing to go when I get a hit on my list is to walking the office chanting "We've got death!! We've got death!!" Similar to Jim Belushi in Animal House chanting "Toga! Toga!".


*** Average age of Hits: 0.00 ***

Gene Mean Gene Okerland (WWF/WWE Announcer)

Whitey Ford (MLB)

Larry King (Talk Show Host)

T. Boone Pickens (Oil Tycoon)

Brooks Robinson (MLB)

David Prowse (Actor, Darth Vader)

Corey Feldman (Trainwreck)

Ross Perot (Politico)

Robert Packwood (Ex-Senator)

Josh Hamilton (MLB)

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