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WINNER of Rounds: 41, 123, 132, 166, 171, 189 in the "Who's Next" Game

OK, it's been about ten years since I last updated my Ghoul Pool profile, so I think ya'll deserve some fresh material for 2022.

I previously played as "NellyLunatic1980" from 2005-2010.

I've had a houseful of testosterone for years as I've been the father to six sons--Terrell (1996-2005), Javon, Allen, Cory, Najai, and Demetrius--and one adopted son, Nate. On December 28, 2020, Javon gave me my first grandson, Kobe--appropriately named after the legend posted behind my shoulder.

Turn-ons include traveling, sports, games, puzzles, and a good Moscato. Turn-offs include religious hypocrisy, attempted insurrections, and scumbags--which is often self-evident in my Ghoul Pool lists.

I almost became on-topic in 1998 (suicide attempt), 2001 (shot in the head), 2005 (car accident), 2010 (heart attack), 2018 (pneumonia), and 2021 (stroke)... so my annual participation in these ghoul pools seem to be morbidly ironic.


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Aaron Rodgers (Scumbag NFL QB)

Alan Alda (Actor)

Brandon Brown (Scumbag NASCAR Driver)

Donald Trump (Scumbag Ex-Prez, Conman)

Jefferson Beauregarde Sessions (Scumbag Ex-AG)

Joni Mitchell (Folk Singer)

Joseph Joe Exotic Maldonado-Passage (Scumbag Zookeeper)

Kyrie Irving (Scumbag NBA Guard)

Leontyne Price (Opera Singer)

Roseanne Barr (Scumbag Comedienne)

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