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I cannot believe people pay me good money to put words in the correct order. I am a trivia fanatic and have been a Cubs fan since I was 3.


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Prince Philip (Royal)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme)

Diana Carey (Baby Peggy)

Larry Nassar (Scumbag Doctor)

Katherine Johnson (Hidden Figures)

Charlie Sheen (Trainwreck)

John Paul Stevens (Ex-Supreme) (07/16)

Robert Mugabe (Dictator)

James Lavelle (Oswald Cop)

James McCord (Watergate Burglar)

Demi Lovato (Singer)

Ermest Fritz Hollings (Politico) (04/06)

Joyce Randolph (Actress)

Vin Scully (Baseball Treasure)

Paul McCartney (Beatle)

Ramsey Clark (Politico)

June Lockhart (Actress)

Mick Jagger (Rolling Stone)

Bernard Fisher (Medical Pioneer)

Al Jaffee (Mad Magazine)

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