E-Brake's Bio
WINNER of Rounds: 6, 24, 30, 33, 44, 63, 74, 87, 113, 130, 150, 157, 158, 188, 190 in the "Who's Next" Game

Web-wrangler of the Ghoul Pool and talented herder of cats since '99, along with the assistance of the inimitable MJ.

Musical Tastes: Ladytron, Joy Division, Nick Drake, Neko Case, The Wailin' Jennys, Led Zep, OK Go, The Pixies, XTC, Radiohead, The Gun Club, Patsy Cline, and anything Motown.

Speech: As six-time Ghoul Pool Majors Champ, I'd like to thank my mother Blythe Danner and my father Bruce Paltrow. Triumphant in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007. Oh and 2009. We won't talk about 2010.

Motto: E-Brake 2, Cancer 0.


*** Average age of Hits: 86.67 ***

Dennis Hastert (Pedo)

Dick Cheney (Torture Aficionado)

Robert Mugabe (Dictator)

O.J. Simpson (Murderer)

Charlie Sheen (Trainwreck)

Bernie Madoff (Scumbag)

Lindsay Lohan (Trainwreck)

Pope Benedict (Ex Pope)

Justin Bieber (Trainwreck)

Burt Reynolds (Actor) (09/06)

Bill Cosby (Rapist)

Harvey Weinstein (Scumbag)

Joe Jackson (Scumbag Dad of Michael) (06/27)

Wayne LaPierre (NRA Scumbag)

Bobby Brown (Singer)

Camille Crosby (Wife of Rapist)

Gary Glitter (Pedo)

Hosni Mubarak (Ex Dictator)

Karl Rove (Scumbag Politico)

Kid Rock (Musician)

Steve Bannon (Fake News Scumbag)

James Whitey Bulger (Arch Criminal) (10/30)

Joseph Kony (Uganda)

Warren Jeffs (Mormon Scumbag)

Richard Simmons (Health Guru)