Goodnight, Warren...

Warren Zevon

Died September 7, 2003

LOS ANGELES - Family and friends are planning a small private memorial service for singer-songwriter Warren Zevon.

His manager, Brigette Barr, says at that time Zevon's ashes will be scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

A public memorial service may occur at a later date. Zevon died Sunday in his sleep, a year after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He was 56.

The head of Zevon's record company says Zevon "exited in a most extraordinary way." Danny Goldberg of Artemis Records, in New York, says it's amazing that Zevon was given three months to live, yet completed an album, released it and was able to see how well it sold. Goldberg says not only was Zevon a great musician, but "a very nice guy, with a curmudgeony exterior that masqueraded a very caring personality."

His final album, "The Wind," was released two weeks ago.

In Los Angeles, David Letterman remembered Zevon on CBS's "Late Show."

Letterman talked about his friendship with Zevon, who had frequently appeared as a guest, and also played with the talk show's band. Letterman said he admired Zevon's music, calling it thundering, exciting, rhythmic, complicated and unusual. Letterman said he knew Zevon's death was coming, but that didn't make it any less sad. The broadcast ended with Letterman speaking to the camera, saying, "Goodnight, Warren, we'll see ya."

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