Lord Shawcross

Died July 10th, 2003

Nazi war crimes prosecutor dies
Lord Shawcross was Britain's voice at Nuremberg

Lord Shawcross, who led the British prosecution at the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal, has died aged 101. The barrister, who was attorney general in the post-war Labour Government, died peacefully at his home in Sussex, his secretary Greta Kinder said.

Lord Shawcross, the last-surviving member of Attlee's 1945 administration, was a controversial figure. Britain's youngest ever King's Counsel and a confirmed socialist "for humanitarian reasons", Hartley Shawcross was elected to parliament in 1945. Swiftly promoted to the post of attorney general, he prosecuted British traitors William Joyce and John Amery, and the so-called Acid Bath Murderer, John George Haigh, also faced Shawcross from the dock.

In December 1945, as Chief Prosecutor for the United Kingdom at Nuremberg, the freshly knighted Sir Hartley opened the British case against the Nazi leaders with a speech that lasted nearly five hours. He called this international tribunal a novel procedure, but one that helped "provide as fair a trial as possible".

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