Art Carney

Died November 9th, 2003

(CNN) -- Art Carney, who paired with Jackie Gleason in the classic series "The Honeymooners" and won an Oscar for his role as a retired teacher traveling through America in the 1974 film "Harry and Tonto," has died. He was 85.

Carney passed away Sunday at his home in Connecticut, according to a spokesman for a Connecticut funeral home, and was buried in a private ceremony Tuesday.

"The family is very private, and that's why no one was notified until after the funeral," said Philip Appell, a spokesman for Swan Funeral Home in Clinton, Connecticut.

Though he appeared in more than 25 films -- and created the role of Felix Unger in the original Broadway version of "The Odd Couple" -- Carney, a veteran of the World War II invasion of Normandy, became famous playing sewer worker Ed Norton, Jackie Gleason's foil on the 1950s television comedy "The Honeymooners."

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