Foster Brooks

Died December 21st, 2001

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Comedian Foster Brooks, a television personality known for his "Lovable Lush" fake drunk act, died Thursday. He was 89.

The comic, who appeared as a panelist on "Match Game" in the 1970s and "Circus of the Stars" in 1979, died at his Encino home from apparent heart trouble, according to family friend Milton Metz.

"He was a great clown," Metz said. "The 'Lovable Lush' act was funny because he always tried to look so dignified. He made it look like he was trying to be sober."

The bearded Brooks had supporting roles in comedies such as "The Villain" (1979), and "Oddballs" and "Cannonball Run II" (both 1984).

He also co-starred on the Robin Williams sitcom "Mork & Mindy" during the 1981 season.

Brooks would frequently appear on the Las Vegas stage or as a talk show guest and pretend to be drunk, stumbling about the stage while interacting with those around him. Brooks was a fixture at celebrity roasts, where performers poked rude fun at an honored guest.

Born in Louisville, Ky., in 1912, Brooks was a disc jockey on a local radio station. He moved to Hollywood and took minor roles in television Westerns and sitcoms such as "The Munsters" and "Bewitched" before honing his drunk act and becoming a talk show regular.

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