Loretta Young

January 6, 1913 - August 12, 2000

Saturday August 12 6:46 AM ET

Actress Loretta Young Dead

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Loretta Young, the elegant beauty whose acting career extended from silent movies to television and included an Academy Award for best actress in ``The Farmer's Daughter'' died Saturday of ovarian cancer, her longtime agent and friend Norman Brokaw said. She was 87.

Young died at the home of her sister Georgian Montalban and actor Ricardo Montalban early Saturday morning, said Brokaw, her agent for 50 years and chairman of the William Morris Agency.

``She was an incredible lady,'' Brokaw said. ``I learned from her that if you can handle yourself with class and dignity, you can work as long as you want in this business.''

Both on and off the screen, Miss Young presented the image of serene uprightness. In 88 movies dating from 1927 to 1953, she invariably played the strong-willed heroine with firm principles.

From 1953 to 1963, she appeared on television in more than 300 episodes of ``The Loretta Young Show,'' opening the program with her much-satirized trademark of sweeping through a doorway, always in a high-style gown. She was nominated seven times for Emmys as best starring actress and won three times.

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