Jimmie Davis

Died November 5, 2000

BATON ROUGE, La. (Reuters) - Former Louisiana Gov. Jimmie Davis, who sang his way from B-grade cowboy movies to the governor's mansion with his signature ``You Are My Sunshine,'' died Sunday at his home in Baton Rouge, family friend Ed Reed said. He was 101.

``You Are My Sunshine'' -- written with a member of his band Charles Mitchell, in 1939 -- has been recorded more than 350 times in a dozen languages and sold millions of copies.

Gov. Davis served as Lousiana's top official from 1944 to 48 and again during the tumultuous early years racial desegregation from 1960 to 64, calmly shepherding the state away from the pitched street battles and violence that erupted in other southern states.

Although he fought publicly for segregation, in a 1963 televised address he said, ``We closed no schools. We lost no lives. We shed no blood. Let those who would find fault with our efforts compare them with some of our sister states.''

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