Edward Dmytryk

September 4, 1908 - July 1, 1999

Excerpt from the Times UK online, July 3, 1999:

Dmytryk enhanced his reputation with Cornered, a thriller also starring Powell; Till the End of Time, a study of GIs returning from the war; and, above all, Crossfire. This was one of the first Hollywood films to deal with race prejudice, in this case anti-Semitism, though only after the subject was changed from the homosexuality of the novel. Helped by Robert Ryan’s memorable study in bigotry, the film brought Dmytryk his only Oscar nomination.

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And now, because nobody asked, here's E-Brake's two cents:

A member of the Communist Party since 1945, when called before the fascist House of Representatives’ Un-American Activities Committee investigating alleged communist infiltration of Hollywood, he bravely refused to name names and along with nine others, was cited for contempt of Congress and blacklisted by Hollywood. After moving to England, where he made three films, he returned to America and served his 6 month sentence in prison. Unfortunately, in 1951 he changed his mind and proceeded to name names of fellow Commies. While taken off the Hollywood blacklist, he was considered by many a "pariah" in the industry, a la Elia Kazan and others who ratted out and destroyed countless lives.

(Yeah, I know: Jeez, E-Brake, take a pill.)

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