Quentin Crisp

Born December 25, 1908 - Died November 21, 1999

Obituary excerpt, from the BBC Online, November 21, 1999:

"The flamboyant writer, actor and homosexual rights campaigner Quentin Crisp has been found dead at a house in Manchester. Crisp was due to appear at Green room theatre in Manchester on Monday in a one-man show which was supposed to then tour the country.

"In one of his final interviews, with The Times newspaper, Crisp, who has described England as a "merciless place", conceded this could be his last visit to Britain because he did not think he would ever be strong enough to make the journey again.

"Asked whether he had made any arrangements for his funeral, given his age, he said: "No flowers. No candles. No long faces standing around in the rain, staring down into a hole in the ground while someone drones on about how wonderful I was.

"I'd rather be shuffled off. Just drop me into one of those black plastic bags and leave me by the trash can."

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